10 Best Full Summer Body Workouts You'll Want To Use for 2017

June 16, 2017 3 min read

As the temperature rises and people head to the beach on the weekends, bathing suits are inevitable. For those of us enjoying the sun and splashing in the waves, it’s important to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. Here, we’ve pulled together our 10 favorite full summer body workouts for 2017. Connect with your truly wireless Rowkin earbuds and check out these tips and video clips to get you started!


Where to begin? 3-day total body detox workout regime!

Hit the gym running. This 3-day total body workout plan designed by Men’s Fitness is the perfect way to jumpstart your summer training. With a combination of body weight moves and more advanced lifting sets, this attacks every target zone possible. Check out Men's Fitness workout plan here.


Shake it up & split squat with overhead presses




Grab 20-30 pound dumbbells and stand with one foot forward and one food back. By both splitting, squatting, and pressing we are focusing specifically on each leg as well as both arms. Make sure to do reps on both sides, alternating front legs every 8-10 squats to get the full workout. 


Perk up your pecs: leaning one-arm dumbbell fly

Add this exercise in as the last in your chest series. With deep cut V-neck shirts, this is the perfect move to add some extra oomph to your upper and inner pecs—just enough so they peek out from below your collar. How to? Grab onto a stationary bar, position your feet by the object, and lean away from it with a weight in your opposite hand. Lift your arm with a slight bend in your angle completing an arc toward your opposite shoulder. Best results will be seen by using a lower weight and doing 15+ reps, holding a few seconds at the top of each arc.


Let’s go: lateral lunges with side chops



Activate your abs, arms, and legs with this full summer body workout. Pick up a dumbbell or medicine ball, appropriate for your strength and get ready to lunge. It is important to make sure your feet are in the same plane, your hips are square and your feet remain on the ground throughout the entire motion. Try 8-10 reps in each direction!


Back to basics: push-ups with rows

Blast fat with this plank/push-up/row combo move. Set yourself up in a plank position, do a push-up, and then lift one weight (with control), and then the other. This move engages your arms, core, glutes and hip flexors! Try 10-15 reps if you’re ambitious.


Walk it out: single leg plank walks



Assume a regular plank position on astro-turf or hardwood floors. If you’re on astro-turf, make sure to place the toes of one foot on a plastic gliding surface. Once raised in a regular plank position, lift one leg while keeping the core tight and your weight evenly distributed. Walk your hands forward 10-15 paces just as you might have done in wheelbarrow races back in the day. This is a perfect way to activate your glutes, core, arms and shoulders!


Bring back the biceps: behind-the-back bicep cable curl

Unsure where your biceps have gone since last summer? Bring them back to life for 2017 with this move that mimics the incline dumbbell curl, with an even higher tension at the top of the curl in contrast to using an actual dumbbell. Easily the most effective move to build up the biceps. 


No gym membership? Follow this bodyweight push-up regime



Easy to do anytime, anywhere, this four-move push-up workout will take you through variations of a typical push-up to maximize muscle activation. Use this workout daily to see visible results in less than 2 weeks!


Trap bar deadlifts for the win



Make sure to add in some trap bar deadlifts. This really is a full-body workout—getting after your glutes, legs, arms and abs all in one move. While this is only really possible if your gym carries a trap bar, try substituting a regular deadlift for this if need be.


New to making gains? Try this full body workout designed specially for beginners



With a combination of leg extensions, leg curls, incline bicep curls and various other moves, trainer Vince Del Monte shows you how to attack a gym day with perfect form, precision and effort.

So whether you’re a beginner in the weight room or an experienced workout guru, this list of full summer body workouts is the best of 2017. Start now and get fit just in time for the sunniest summer days that are yet to come. Now go get it!


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