5 Best Music Streaming 2017 Services to Check Out

August 16, 2017 4 min read

Nowadays, it's very easy to listen to all your favorite songs wherever you are. Even if you don't have the track uploaded on your smartphone, you can easily access it through a music streaming app. And with so many different music streaming options, it can be easy to get confused with which one you should go by. If you haven't downloaded a music streaming app, now is the best time to do it. 
Here are five of the apps that offer best music streaming 2017 and their differences:

Apple Music

The service only launched in 2015 but despite this, it has exclusive deals with big labels. Last year, Apple Music launched with an extensive library and features. 
What makes it different: Its exclusives are a great reason to sign up for service. For one thing, it's the only music streaming service where Taylor Swift's 1989 album can be streamed. 
Disadvantage: Apart from not offering a free tier, Apple Music has a slow buffering time; especially when doing it over data. 
Cost: Apple Music does not offer a free tier. There is a free three-month trial for those who want to check out the service before paying the $9.99/month subscription. They offer a student and a family membership with discounts, making this a nice offer for those looking for a streaming service.


Pandora is one of the earliest music streaming websites that became a favorite among users. First released in 2000, the app continues to provide its users a way to listen to different music based on their past listening history. 
What makes it different: Pandora offers a listening experience that will remind you of listening to your radio. They are a no-fuss music streaming service with a limited number of content. They do not try to win over users by offering limited exclusives. Instead, they simply offer real, unadulterated music. 
Disadvantage: Since they operate pretty much like a customized radio station, you cannot choose which song to play next. For music lovers who want a streaming service with more control, this might not be the right one for you.
Cost: It's free to sign up and use but ads show up every 10 minutes. If you opt to go ad-free, you can subscribe to Pandora One for $4.99/month or $54.89/year.  


Deezer is a fairly new music streaming service. Despite it being considered a new player, its users from 183 other countries consider it as a great service to use for music streaming. 
What makes it different: Unlike its other big name rivals, Deezer does not have any big exclusives. But if you're a music streaming service with a library consisting of 40 million songs, what other exclusives can you offer? Apart from songs, they also offer 40,000 podcasts. 
The service also has a radio mix feature called 'Flow'. According to the company, this feature curates content based on the tracks you've liked and added to your library. It is also said to analyze other aspects such as the time of day you're bound to listen to a specific music genre. As it starts to get to know you more, it can gauge your mood and choose a genre to play. 
Disadvantage: The number of songs available depend per country.
Cost: There is a free 30-day trial for the service, which will give you access to unlimited music on your desktop and mobile phone. If you use Sonos system at home, Deezer can give you high-quality audio through its Elite tier subscription at for $14.99/month. Standard tier costs $9.99/month. 


Prior to 2015, Tidal was nearly unheard of in the music streaming market. But after Jay-Z acquired the company, Tidal has become a major player offering quality music streaming to its users. 
What makes it different: Tidal is a company that supports musicians and artists by paying them the highest amount of royalties. For its users, Tidal offers the highest quality streaming service. The service also offers exclusive content from Beyonce, Kanye West, and Prince. 
Disadvantage: The interface of the app is not as slick as the others. Searches also need to be specific. And to enjoy Tidal's music streaming quality, you will have to pay an expensive monthly fee for its best features. 
Cost: There is no free tier offered by Tidal. Instead, you can opt for a $9.99/month basic Tidal service or go for the HiFi tier for $19.99/month. The difference between the two tiers can be experienced in the quality of music streaming.


Among all the different music streaming services, Spotify offers some of the better features for its service. It is able to do so through an ad-supported option.  
What makes it different: Paying users get to download music for offline listening so they do not have to use mobile data for streaming. Its interface is easy-to-use and comes with a 'Discover Weekly' feature that compiles similar music based on your recent tracks listened to. 
Spotify is currently experimenting on a new podcast feature and offering more original shows in the future. 
Disadvantage: It does not offer exclusives or have the highest music quality as its rivals do. 
Cost: The free tier lets its users listen to music with an occasional audio advert. Another option is to pay Spotify Premium for $9.99/month to get rid of ads and make each song available to listen to. 
Picking out the best music streaming 2017 can be tough, especially if you do not yet know what to expect from each service. But if you take time to look around and check out these apps on your own, you'll be able to find one that best fits your interest and budget. 


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