5 Budget-Friendly Travel Ideas for 2019

December 14, 2018 3 min read


Every year as Winter comes to a close, anticipation builds nationwide for warmer and summer days. The New Year has begun and we are three months into 2019. Have you kept up with your resolutions? It’s never too late to stick with your travel goals for the year and find the right fit for you.

Here at Rowkin, we understand the value of travel for creating new beginnings. Taking a break from your daily struggles and annoyances, and traveling to a new and exciting destination, is a tool to create momentum in your life. In fact, studies have shown that travel can actually make you healthier, relieve stress, and boost overall life satisfaction! While this momentum might be temporary (your ability to maintain a diet or use curse words sparingly may fizzle out after a week), there are endless opportunities to create new beginnings, and even create fresh starts out of thin air. Consider planning several budget-friendly trips throughout the year that can serve as personal markers for “new beginnings” in your life.  Below, we’ve shared five budget-friendly travel destinations for 2019 that are bound to get you out of your daily rut, and on to a better “you”. Each is accompanied by its own themed Spotify playlist--- because, new experiences should be accompanied by new music!


Since Rowkin is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we truly have the inside scoop on things to do and see in San Francisco. Plan a trip here if you’re a foodie, love live music, and have always wanted to see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in real life. Fly into OAK as a cheaper alternative to SFO, reserve a spot at Bourbon and Branch for cocktails, and see your favorite band at the beautiful and charming Fox Theater.


Evidently, Montreal has more restaurants per capita than New York City. So rest assured, if you choose to visit Montreal, you won’t go hungry. Try the Poutine at La Banquise (994 Rachel Est), brush up on your French, and take in the striking beauty of the Basilique Notre-Dame, the chapel where Céline Dion got married!



Rowkin team member Brandon is originally from Colombia, so he offered some insider tips on what to do and see while visiting. Immerse yourself in the world of Andrés Carne De Res, an eclectically decorated restaurant serving the best that Colombia has to offer. Take a coffee tour at Plantation House, a great place to learn about coffee and also a hostel! Don’t leave without visiting the nearby town of La Candelaria, home of beautiful architecture, graffiti murals, and one of Colombia’s most famous art museums, The Botero Museum!


If you decide to visit Croatia, visit during Spring or Autumn to avoid other tourists, and to catch it in its less-expensive off-season. Croatia has an extensive public transportation system, which consists of modern buses with free wi-fi services and ports to charge your devices! Expect to eat a lot of seafood on this trip, particularly octopus and squid, which are popular dishes. Try the Panorama Restaurant for a fantastic view, or Above 5 for a romantic rooftop dinner for two.



You can get a sit-down meal in Peru for $2-$5 USD, and the city of Cuzco is very accessible by foot! Visit here if you are curious about ancient ruins; the Incan ruins located here (Sacsayhuaman)are astonishingly well-preserved. Check out this guide for cheap budget flights to South America, and avoid visiting during rainy season, which is from October to April.


2018 “you” has come and gone.  2019 “you” is starting with a blank slate.  Planning out your travels early on in the year will ensure you have something to look forward to, with each trip being a new chapter of your life.  Just be sure to take us with youon your journeys! #RowkInspired


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