5 Reasons Why True Wireless Is Better Than Traditional Wireless

August 15, 2019 3 min read

You may be confused by how "wireless" earbuds aren't actually wireless, but "true wireless" ones are. "What's the difference?" you may be asking.

As it turns out, there are several key differences, and they all point to true wireless earbuds being superior in every way. Read on to learn both the difference between the two and why true wireless is the way to go.

No Cords At All

Don't let the name "wireless earbuds" fool you. These buds absolutely sport wires. You might not connect them to your phone or iPod, but there is still a wire attaching the earbuds together. You insert the earbuds, slip the cord behind your neck, and become one with the music.

The problem is, even that minimal amount of wire can still become inconvenient fast. What if the cord gets tangled up? Worse, what if they get frayed or ripped? Even if the wireless buds themselves are in tip-top shape, they might as well shatter to bits for all they're worth without a wire.

That's why Rowkin's true wireless earbuds are the way to go. These buds are truly wireless, as in no cables or wires whatsoever. It's the ultimate in audio convenience. Nothing needs to go around your neck, nothing gets tangled, and nothing gets ripped. All you need are your earbuds, your music player, and you're ready to go!

Tons More Distance

The idea behind wireless earbuds is that you don't need to plug them into your music player to use and enjoy. That may be true, but it's not as nice as you may think. You really can't go far from your phone or iPod, or you'll quickly lose sound quality, connection, or both.

True wireless, meanwhile, doesn't have such restrictions. Being powered by Bluetooth technology, true wireless has far more of a range than standard wireless. You can wander as far as 30 feet away from your device, and the sound quality will be as crystal-clear as ever. 

So if you're, for example, cleaning the house, turn on your Rowkin and go just about anywhere you like. You'll whistle while you work and never once have to stop and move your device closer to you.

One-Time Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology makes true wireless just that much more convenient than standard wireless. That's because, with standard wireless, you always have to connect your buds to your device. Each time you want to play your music or take calls, you'll have to go into your device and make sure it's reading your earbuds. After a few connection sessions, it gets old.

With true wireless, however, this will seldom be a problem. Bluetooth connectivity is both seamless and a one-time deal. Connect your true wireless earbuds to its Bluetooth-powered device, the two will find each other, and very rarely (if ever) will they separate.

From that point on, every time you turn on your Rowkin device, it will automatically read your earbuds and send your favorite music your way. Instant connectivity is an instant win!

On-The-Go Wireless Charging

Carrying around a corded charger everywhere you go is an unnecessary price to pay for on-the-go music. Besides, what if you can't find a plug anywhere? Not every public establishment provides them, after all.

You need no such things with true wireless earbuds. You still need to charge your device, but plugs are no longer required. Instead, true wireless earbuds get their juice via wireless charging pad! So you can charge it and then take it anywhere you like. Once your earbuds begin to run out of power, put them on the wireless charger and it'll be full strength in no time.

Don't think this will net you a single two-hour charge or anything, either. These wireless chargers can hold a ton of energy. Depending on your device, you could experience anywhere from 15 to 50 hours of music and calls throughout several charges. Couple that with the freedom of experiencing that power anywhere you travel, and you'll never want to confine yourself to a wall plug again!

It Just Plain Looks Cooler

There isn't anything technical about this last point, but it's still incredibly important. Having cords around your neck does not look as cool as slipping two independent earbuds into your ears and then grooving wherever you go. It's a little like how hanging sunglasses over the collar of your shirt looks cooler than dangling them around your neck.

Appearances aren't everything, but if you CAN improve your appearance, why wouldn't you? Standard wireless earbuds look like the accessories they are. True wireless earbuds, meanwhile, look like they're a PART of you.


Rowkin offers the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds with high-quality sound and deep bass. Check out the product selections here:https://www.rowkin.com/collections/featured-products

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