5 Top Essential New Gear For 2018

January 05, 2018 3 min read

A new year means a new start for new adventures, but it also means a need for a new set of gear. Here’s a quick list of recommendations to add to your collection to start your year off with a bang. Plus, enter our “New Year, New Gear” giveaway and get a chance to win everything listed below!

Daard iby6 Cabin Luggage

Designed for the high flying modern, the Daard iby6 cabin luggage is the perfect companion for your  2018 travels. The soft front handle makes the suitcase easier and more comfortable to use; with just a simple flip, it can follow you either horizontally, giving you maximum freedom of movement, or vertically, like a normal 4-wheeler. iby6 is the first 6-wheeled suitcase in the world, and this feature – when the suitcase is used horizontally – makes it self-standing; indeed, it's a suitcase that supports its own weight, making it easy to lug heavy baggage. Going through checkpoints is equally a breeze, the dual openings on the Daard iby6 allows easier access. Travel to the far reaches of the world, without losing the comfort of modern luggage.

Seattle Sports Survivolts

Speaking of adventure, don't leave home without an essential survival pack. SurviVolts™ Powerbank & Mult-E-Tools is the ultimate electronic survival kit. Spark a fire with the electronic plasma fire starter. See in the dark with an adjustable flashlight or lantern light. Signal during the day with a 135 decibel siren and at night, with an SOS beacon or long distance laser beam. Use the 5000mAh powerbank to charge devices and power the 5 USB survival Mult-E-Tools. A carry case is even included for easy transportation. It's everything you'd need in one.

SE Survival Pocket Tool

With all the hustle and bustle of traveling, one of the simplest and most useful gear you can have is a survival pocket tool. With so much functionality in one pocket-sized device, this 11-in-1 survival tool can be used anytime, anywhere—while camping, hiking, biking, at school, at work, at home, with all sorts of activities and situations. For your convenience, simply attach this tool onto a jump/key/split ring, lanyard, etc. by using the small keychain hole (located in the corner), or you can take advantage of its credit card size and keep this tool inside your pocket, wallet, emergency/survival kit, wherever you may need it! It comes with a can opener, 4-Position wrench, 2-Position wrench, butterfly screw, screwdriver, knife edge and more.  

Google Home Mini

While you may want gear for outdoors, it’s safe to say you’ll want some cool tech at home too. 2018 is the perfect time to upgrade to a smarter home. Want to listen to some tunes? Want to ask what your future brings? Want to know what your commute looks like? Want to know what your schedule is? Just say "OK Google!" and you're good to go.

Rowkin Surge

True wireless Surge headphones are designed to have a comfortable sport-fit whether you're scaling your gym rock wall or just roaming around your office, all while keeping your hands free. The Surge offers approximately five hours of play/talk time and has built-in multi-functionality for switching songs or accepting calls or activating Siri and Google Assistant easy. The high-performance microphone offers an ultra-stable performance, capturing every detail for a clear call. 

Rowkin Micro 

Small but mighty, the Rowkin Micro’s enhanced portable charger brings you up to four on-the go charges for a total of 12 hours of listening time. The Micro features the world's smallest earbuds. Feel free to sweat it out while on a morning run or hike a misty mountain with Micro’s WaterSafe nanocoating making them sweat-proof and water resistant.

Don't forget you can snag one of these top essential gears for free in our New Year, New Gear giveaway! Let us know what new gear you're looking forward to in 2018!


Rowkin offers the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds with high-quality sound and deep bass. Check out the product selections here:https://www.rowkin.com/collections/featured-products

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