Get Better Results With The Top 7 Surprising Workout Facts You Need To Know

June 30, 2017 2 min read

Everyone knows a myth or two about workouts and exercise, but this list is full of the surprising exercise facts. Whether you’re an exercise fanatic of a casual jogger, these tried and true workout secrets are sure to boost your performance for better results.

A massage can replace a workout

When you’re feeling out of alignment or really tired from a string of hard workout days, it is actually just as beneficial to get a massage as it is to workout. Massages are highly recommended as a remedy for muscle pain, and they’re a lot more fun!

Alcohol hinders athleticism

It’s common knowledge that a heavy night of drinking has no positive effects on athletic performance, but mostly people do believe that one or two drinks has no effect at all. That said, alcohol—even as little as one drink per night—can seriously hinder your athletic ability, stamina and endurance.

60% of gym memberships go unused

Joining a gym is the most commonplace New Year’s resolution, and also the most broken resolution. By the end of January, more than 60% of members have ceased from showing up for their daily, weekly, and well...monthly workouts. Perhaps in this case, it would have been more useful to make a resolution to hike every Saturday or something similar that is free of cost.

Exercising makes you smarter

Working out certifiably improves both physical AND mental fitness. When you exercise, you increase the level of serotonin in the brain, which leads to higher levels of mental clarity and increased productivity.

2-a-days are good for you—if done correctly

Sometimes working out multiple times per day can seem daunting or even unsafe, but it actually can be a more effective method of training if done correctly. Although, if you’re planning to do a strength and cardio workout, make sure to do the strength workout first and the cardio workout later in the day.

Runner’s high is real

This is not a myth! If done correctly, running three to five days per week at a vigorous effort does actually increase levels of happiness and has been suggested as a method to effectively treat mild and moderate depressions in adults.

Sleep, sleep, sleep—for best recovery and results

This is something said by coaches, teachers, parents etc. and is hardly ever listened to! However, there is sound fact in sleeping and it can make an enormous difference when it comes to seeing the results you’ve been waiting for vs. getting burned out at the end of a season.

After reading through this list I hope that you’ve come away with a few surprising exercise facts to add in to your daily routine, if not lifestyle. Sleep more, drink less, and get all the massages you need!


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