Quick & Easy Workouts To Burn Off The Thanksgiving Gains

November 11, 2016 3 min read

Many people look forward to the holidays, not only for the festivities, but also for the amazing dishes prepared during the season. Unfortunately, chowing down all the delicious food comes at a cost. For those hoping to enjoy the holidays while still remaining healthy, we’ve compiled some quick and easy workouts below from trainers and fitness enthusiasts you can squeeze in between bites. Connect with your Rowkin wireless headphones and follow along on their short videos below! 


Adam Rosante, strength/nutrition coach and #1 best selling author, shares 2 moves that will jump start a day or help get a small workout in a busy holiday schedule. Below, he instructs holiday go-getters to set a timer for 60-seconds. Once the timer has started, perform as many Plank Claps as you can. When the 30-second mark hits, switch to Toe Taps. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 5 total rounds. This can be performed either by yourself or with a workout partner for some extra motivation.

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Jennifer Forrester, a seasoned health and fitness guru, showcases a quick workout that anyone can perform both inside or out of the home. This workout targets arms and core while using only your own bodyweight. She recommends performing 30 seconds of each exercise for 4 rounds each.




Ramses Principe, an international online coach and exercise physiology master, shows how to get an ab workout using gliding discs. For those traveling or looking to do a home workout, hardwood flooring, and 2 small towels will do the trick. Here, Ramses performs 5 rounds in total, 5 circles to the left, 5 circles to the right, 5 up & down around, and 5 yard gliding sprints.




Carmen Morgan, a durability trainer and kettlebell specialist, shares a quick beginner high-intensity interval training routine. Below she uses 5 lbs. dumbbells and creates a routine that limits jumping for those with sensitive knees (and those staying in hotels to limit noise). Follow along with her during the video to get the breakdown. 






Curtis Williams, a former NFL athlete and performance coach covers a quick routine using a yoga ball and plyo box. Don’t have a plyo box to jump on? Find a set of stairs outside and you should be good to go. In Curtis’ routine, he goes through four steps. First, he performs a 2 Point Plank for 10-16 reps, alternating legs. Second, he performs alternating Reverse Lunges with Tuck Jumps for 30 to 45 seconds. Next, using a yoga ball, he adds a Knee Tuck-Twist plus a pushup, performing 5-8 on each side. Finally, he finishes off with a Box Plyo Lunge and a Cross Back Lunge, 8-10 on each side. 




Kaisa Keranen, an expert in fitness and a holder of a master’s degree in Exercise Science, shows other ways holiday food indulgers can get a quick workout in the comfort of their own home or in a hotel using just a towel. 

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Whatever you decide to eat this holiday season, try to balance a healthy diet and active lifestyle.   All it takes is a quick 15 minutes a day. What are some of your tactics to burning off the extra holiday gains?
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