Five Ways to Incorporate You Wireless Headphones into Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

October 30, 2019 2 min read

It happens to all of us. It gets to be October 30th, and we realize we haven’t gotten the Halloween costume we wanted. Luckily, the Internet is full of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes. For those of us that have wireless earbuds or headphones, there are creative ways to use those for your costume, too.

The Store Manager

This costume is perfect for those who work in retail and already know painful interacting with customers can be sometimes. Find a simple polo shirt and wear it with khaki pants. Then, put one of your wireless earbuds in your ear.

If you’re at a party, the best way to make this costume your own is to knock something over, sigh heavily, put a finger to the earbud, and say, “Clean up in aisle eight, please.”


The DJ

If you have a pair of wireless headphones and a cool, flashy outfit, you are already all set to be a DJ for Halloween! Just put on your best skinny jeans and flashiest shirt, then wear those headphones around your neck. 

If you really want to sell it, make sure to hold one side of the headphones to your ear and act like you’re working those turntables! 


The Secret Service Member

This costume works best with a group, but if you don’t have one, that’s okay, too! Dust off that suit in your closet, put in a single wireless earbud, and make sure to wear some dark sunglasses.

The way to really make this costume work is to pick a friend, especially if they are dressed as a celebrity or president, and follow them around silently, except to place a finger to your earbud and say something like, “The Eagle has landed.”


The Football Coach

To access your inner Bill Belichick of the Patriots--or any other football coach--you just need a few items. You need a sweatshirt with your team’s logo, a pair of wireless headphones, and a pipe cleaner with tape at one end.

Tape the pipe cleaner to one end of your headphones and bend it so it comes to the front of your mouth like headphones. Now, all you need is a clipboard to hide your plays and you’re halfway to the Superbowl!

The Undercover Spy

This costume is one of my favorites because it is the easiest one to pull off. Just wear your normal everyday clothes, but with one of your wireless earbuds in your ear. 

You can make up a story about who you are, and if someone questions it, place a finger to the earbud and say, “I’ve been compromised! Abort mission! I repeat, abort mission!”


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