Here’s How One Organization Is Helping Animals Worldwide

April 21, 2017 4 min read

Though we live and thrive on this earth every day, we often neglect to appreciate our world. While you celebrate Earth Day 2017 this year, don't forget about all the animals in the world that need our help every day. Some of these amazing creatures have been through a lot, but thankfully there are people who are working every day to keep them safe and save them from inhumane treatment. Learn how these animals have been rescued and how an organization called Animal Defenders International (ADI) helps to end the suffering of animals in captivity, protecting wild animals and sending them home. Learn how you can also do your part to stop the inhumane treatment of these majestic animals.

A Match Made in Heaven

Meet Tilin, the Hamadryas baboon who was isolated in the cruel world of the Bolivian circus for 17 years. It may not seem as terrible as physical abuse, but social isolation also causes captive animals to suffer. Imagine being an individual who craves love and social interaction and those rights being taken away from you. Then, being put in a cage for display, all alone, while never being able to come in contact with your own kind. This was the life Tilin led. Tilin was torn from his mother as a baby, and spent the next 17 years of his life with the circus. Constantly chained by the neck, living in a small box, Tilin became lonely and depressed, Tilin needed his own kind. ADI sent inquiries out to sanctuaries and contacts around the world, and eventually we found the lovely young Tina.

Tina, a fellow hamadryas baboon was rescued from the pet trade in Cyprus. When her owner could no longer handle her she was taken in by a donkey sanctuary, where she lived for about five years, her main playmate a German Shepherd dog. ADI made arrangements for Tina to travel to the UK to be with Tilin as a non-breeding companion. When the two met and it was love at first sight. The two now enjoy a loving home in Lakeview Monkey Primate Sanctuary in the UK. Their days are now filled with endless socializing and full of love. The two are a match made in heaven, all thanks to the people who put in the effort to give them a better life.

A Treacherous Journey To Africa  

An illegal circus in Peru kept not one, but two full-grown lions in one cramped cage. The sibling pair Simba & Rey lived here in torment, wanting to be free and roam like big cats are meant to do. Unfortunately, this circus was apparently more concerned with money and less about treating animals humanely. Not without difficulty, ADI worked hard to rescue these brothers. As ADI worked to transport Simba and Rey to a holding unit for transport, an angry mob surrounded them. The ADI team persevered, but ran into 19 hours of unforgiving rain, sleet and snow while traveling to the ADI rescue center just outside of Lima, Peru. After months of recovery in ADI’s care, the last leg of the brothers’ journey was a 6,900 mile chartered flight home to Africa. Through bravery and care, the lions made it back to the home they were meant to reside in. The two are now often found napping with their paws on each other in their African home.

The Handsome Lion

Life for Joseph was quite difficult. Because of the harsh and cruel circus conditions, he began developing cataracts. When ADI found Joseph, they took him home to Africa, along with more than 30 other rescued lions. Now, Joseph enjoys a peaceful life in his natural habitat.

A Happy Monkey

Panchita was stolen from her family and forest home by the illegal wildlife traffickers and then exhibited as “entertainment” at a restaurant. Torn from her family, Panchita was used as a performer. Life in captivity was hard for Panchita to endure, until luckily ADI saved her as part of Operation Spirit of Freedom. This operation saved Panchita and many other animals. Thanks to the brave souls who help save animals like Panchita, she now lives with her own kind, at a sanctuary in the Amazon rainforest. She even became an adoptive mother to Fausto, a tiny baby woolly monkey ADI also rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

How Can You Help?

Just because you’re not actively rescuing these animals from harsh circuses or heartless abuse, doesn’t mean you can’t do your part. Here are some ways you can help ADI to save animals like Joseph, Panchita, and more.

Show Your Support

ADI is working on passing the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA) (HR 1759), which will ban wild animals from being forced to perform in traveling shows in the US. Traveling animal acts are not just dangerous for the animals; people are also at risk when potentially dangerous abused wild animals are kept in close proximity to the public with inadequate barriers. 34 countries around the world have banned these inherently abusive acts, ADI is pushing to make sure the U.S. joins these countries in their pursuit for animal rights.

Donate to Animal Defenders International through Rowkin

In honor of Earth Day and in support for animals, 10 percent of sales placed on will go to ADI. From April 22 to April 30 2017, purchases made using code: ADI will be eligible for the promotion. By supporting ADI, you are helping to make the world a safer and better place for the creatures we share this planet with.


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