Repurpose Old Wired Earbuds--DIY

January 22, 2020 2 min read

Whether you got new wireless earbuds for Christmas, your birthday, or another Winter holiday this season, the time as come to throw away those old, tangled wired earbuds.

Or has it?

Instead of adding to a never-ending garbage heap, consider these creative DIY ideas for repurposing those wired earbuds that you just don’t use anymore.



You may not have thought about how great those wires could be for jewelry. Now that you won’t be blasting music through them, you can repurpose them into amazing and unique jewelry.

Pinterest stars have used the earbuds themselves to make dangly, music-themed earrings that will get you some crazy compliments!

If earrings aren’t your thing, there are also some amazing tricks to make bracelets and chokers from the earbud wires. Who would have thought, right?


DIY Speakers

For those of us that really don’t want to throw those old earbuds out but don’t necessarily like jewelry, there are other ways to upcycle those old headphones or earbuds. Believe it or not, you can actually make your own speakers--yes, speakers--from your old earbuds! The geniuses over at How Stuff Works figured it out for you, so don’t worry! 


Sometimes, cutting up earbuds and doing surgery on them to make something new can be scary or frustrating, that’s why there is this simple way to repurpose your old earbuds.

You’ve no doubt seen those strong lights that adorn college dorm walls. People hang pictures from them with clear clothespins or even attach them to the wall in patterns. Well, guess what: you can do the same thing with those earbud wires!

I wasn’t able to find directions for this particular DIY, so I’ll give them to you myself: Using sticky tack or tape, or even pushpins if you don’t mind the hole in the wall, you can hang those wires from the wall! Then, you can hang photos of family and friends or artwork using clothespins!


Bottom Line

When you get shiny new wireless earbuds, you may feel like tossing your old wired ones into the trash. Before you do, take a second to think about the possibilities! You could do something creative with those wires, like making jewelry, your own speakers, or even decor!


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