Rowkin's Definition of A Premium Audio Experience

September 04, 2019 3 min read

When you look for earbuds or headphones, there are usually a few factors you consider. Sound clarity and quality is for sure one of them! Then, there’s the convenience factor and the absolute lack of audio lag. Lucky for you, Rowkin earbuds use all of these factors to make every song a premium audio experience.


Everyone’s been there: you pop in your earbuds and hit shuffle on your favorite playlist. Then, just as you settle in, ready for your trip to another world, it happens. Maybe it doesn’t happen immediately, maybe it takes a minute for you to notice. Eventually, though, you grimace.

Rihanna doesn’t even sound like herself and Queen Bey isn’t nearly as flawless as she always is. So you take out the earbuds, the ones you got at Radio Shack when Radio Shack was still open, and you wonder if it’s worth it to keep them. The answer is a resounding ‘no.’

Instead, that little voice inside your head is clear--much clearer than your music was. 

Fortunately, the above scenario doesn’t apply to the countless happy Rowkin customers. Every note and syllable is crystal--like the sky in the middle of summer, like a still pool--clear.

With Rowkin earbuds, you can hear the crisp k’s and popping p’s of every sentence. You never miss a beat. The best part? Never having to guess if it’s “hold me closer, Tony Danza” or “hold me closer, Tiny Dancer.” (It’s the second one, by the way!)

Having such amazing sound quality and clarity with your wireless earbuds will ensure that you have a truly premium audio experience, and you’ll NEVER want to go back. There’s no return from Rowkin!

No Audio Lag

One of the worst feelings is watching a video and realizing that the sound lags. John Oliver’s lips are moving, but his voice doesn’t match. Pausing and unpausing doesn’t help because it’s the earbuds you’re using!

There’s no reason to be frustrated, though, because Rowkin earbuds will stay on time with your video, keeping up with every millisecond of dialogue, and won’t make you want to pull your hair out!


Not only do our earbuds boast clarity and unparalleled sound quality, but they are convenient.

Have you ever taken your earbuds out of your pocket or bag to find that they’re tangled in knots? Then, you have to sit down and actively spend at least five to ten minutes untangling them. With Rowkin wireless earbuds, this problem doesn’t exist.

Our wireless earbuds are just that: wireless. There’s no mess to untangle and nothing to get frustrated with when you take them out of your pocket or bag. The convenience of taking your earbuds out and just placing them in your ears, plus the satisfaction of watching others struggle with those clumsy wires? Priceless.

Those pesky wires don’t just get in the way when you need to put your earbuds in, but while you have them in, too! Especially when you’re being active or at the gym, earbuds of any other brand can restrict movement or get caught on something and get pulled from your ear, which can be painful and frustrating.

Rowkin’s solution? You guessed it: no wires! Just like that, we’ve knocked out two birds with one stone. Our wireless earbuds won’t get tangled and most certainly won’t restrict your movement.

Bottom Line

Rowkin earbuds claim the title when it comes to clarity and convenience. That’s who we are, and that’s our definition of a premium audio experience. Just like Queen Bey and her girls, Rowkin earbuds run the world.


Rowkin offers the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds with high-quality sound and deep bass. Check out the product selections here:

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