Rowkin's Top Three Don'ts of Wearing Wireless Earbuds

January 15, 2020 2 min read

Most of us use earbuds or headphones every day. Whether it’s to make a workout seem less painful, make a drive seem shorter, or just to enjoy life, we pop in those earbuds and turn up the music.

Did you know that there are don’ts to wearing your earbuds? These ‘don’ts’ range from being uncomfortable to rude to just plain unsafe. So, stick with us and Rowkin will tell you our five don’ts of wearing earbuds, especially wireless ones.


Wearing the Wrong Size Ear Tip

Most earbuds now come with ear tips that allow for a comfortable, sealed fit in your ear. Most of these earbuds, especially wireless ones, come with different sized ear tips that you can change out. Even if the earbuds don’t come with the right size tip for you, there is a solid chance that you can find the right size online for a reasonable price.

Why is this so important, though? When an earbud tip is too small, you’ll find that it has a habit of falling out of your ear and doesn’t fit securely. The music quality and volume may also be affected and that is the exact opposite of what you want. If an ear tip is too big, it can be uncomfortable to wear, making listening to your favorite music a lot less fun.

Turning Up the Volume Too Loud

Some of us love to jam out with the volume at the max. This habit, especially when wearing earbuds or headphones, can lead to hearing loss and chronic headaches. So, instead of cranking up the volume until you can’t hear your own thoughts, make sure you’re listening at a max volume of 85 decibels to practice safe listening.

Don’t worry, not everyone knows how to calculate decibels just by listening, that’s why we have this helpful tip: 85 decibels is equal to about three-fourths of volume output on an iPhone.


Take Them Out When Speaking to Someone

This last tip is for those of us that wear earbuds when we are out and about. Whether you are a college student walking to class or a professional getting coffee and listening to your work playlist, it is always a best practice to be courteous.

When wearing your earbuds, take them out to talk to people. Some of us may pause the music so we can hear the other person, but they may not know that. Having your earbuds in both ears while someone is speaking to you is rude and that person may feel disrespected. So, do the nice thing and take out your earbuds when speaking to someone.


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