Rowkin's Winter Sports Tips

December 17, 2019 2 min read

When the temperature gets below a certain point, and snow begins to fall, that can only mean one thing! Christmas? No.

Winter sports! Now, there are so many different winter sports that we can’t possibly cover them all: from cross-country skiing to ice skating to snowmobiling. What we can talk about, though, are tips on how to make the most of your winter sports experience!


Know What to Expect

Whether you’re in Park City or Buffalo, checking the weather report is imperative. No matter what winter sport you are taking part in, it is most likely going to be somewhere cold, so you need to know what to expect, especially if it is going to snow or you have to drive to get to your destination.

Even when you’re about to step onto the slopes, you can pop in your Rowkin Earbuds and ask Siri what you can expect while you’re out.

Knowing what to expect can also mean the terrain. Especially when it comes to skiing and snowboarding, you can encounter so many different kinds of terrain. That terrain could be icy or powder, depending on where you are, so do some research and don’t get caught off guard.


Be Prepared

This tip should go without saying.

No matter where you are or what winter sport you are doing, make sure you’re prepared. That means having an extra pair of mittens in your backpack or a water bottle. We may not realize it, but it is easier to get dehydrated in the winter, so be sure to drink plenty of water so you don’t make an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

Finally, if you know what to expect, prepare for it! Winters along the east coast are wetter and the snow is heavier, so make sure to bundle up with some extra water-proof layers. Oh, and it is best to always go with a buddy! Accidents can happen, so knowing someone has your back is the best preparation you can do!

Another way to be prepared? If you have to make a drive, especially a long one--or even a flight--make sure to prepare a hype playlist that gets you excited for your destination!

Have Fun

Winter sports are all about making the most of the coldest season. No matter what you decide to do, make sure to have some fun with it! 

Fun can be going with a group of friends or even taking your wireless earbuds with you to jam out while you snowboard, skate, or sled. Even if you are with a group of people, it can be difficult to talk to them once you’re speeding down the slopes, so don’t be afraid to pop in your Rowkin Earbuds and play some music that really gets your blood pumping!

Whatever your winter sport of choice is, make sure to enjoy it because the snow won’t be around forever!


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