The 6 Must-Have Summer Travel Gadgets

April 27, 2017 3 min read

Make sure when you're traveling this summer, you have all the must-have summer travel gadgets. Let's be ready for any occasion of summer with all the coolest summer gear. Here are our 6 picks of must-have summer gear!


You've seen it before. Drones are the must have item on the market. This hot summer gadget will have your summer travels soaring to new heights. Drones offer great camera quality and can be used hands-free. This makes for epic photos and videos. This travel gadget comes in handy to record any scene from anywhere. Think of it as your own camera crew. Get your eyes in the sky or maybe just record a vlog while you experience summer 2017. Get soaring with a drone.


If you're thinking about traveling abroad this summer, besides finding the best places to visit or eat, you may also be worrying about how to communicate with the locals. This travel gadget will help you and prevent language from being a barrier by becoming your personal interpreter. The best summer gear to have is definitely a pocket full of any language you can think of with the Pilot. The Pilot system contains ear pieces that can be worn by two people who don't speak the same language. The Pilot is so new you may even be the first to have them but don’t wait because pre-ordering has already begun. Try out the Pilot here.

Fuel Box

We all know how it is when you're traveling under time constraints, like catching a train or plane. The last thing you need is a dead phone, this summer travel gadget will be your best friend with a charging speed 2x to 3x times faster than the average charger. The Fuel Box rapid charger is compatible with almost all of your devices. Your summer travel gadget has a portable pack 5200 battery with about 25 hours of power. It’s the perfect solution for traveling under time constraints. You definitely should add this under your must-have summer gear. Start charging here.

Rowkin Bit Charge

Free yourself of cords with this summer travel gadget. The Rowkin Bit Charge not only is self-charging but it can charge your phone too. These headphones last up to 3 hours and can be charged up to 15 times before needing to find an outlet which can be scarce and hard to find when traveling. This summer gear is great when you're running through the airport. Get ready to be wireless.

Olloclip Camera

Check out the Olloclip iPhone 7 clip-on camera an nice summer gear must have with a complete system of 2x optical zoom and an action camera field of view. The Olloclip also works even better with a 56mm camera. This summer you'll be able to shoot farther and wider than ever before then your regular iPhone camera ever could. Simple to use just clip it onto your phone download the app and you're good to go the easiest summer travel gadget to ever use. Learn more about the Olloclip Camera.

Catalyst Case

Try the Catalyst Case it can be submerged up to 33ft of water. It has a hard coated optical camera lens not recessed so it won't trap dirt or water which could mess with photography.

Take this along with you if you're planning your summer travel for water sports. This summer gear will be your friend anytime you're near any body of water. Get rid of any fear of dropping your phone in the water or dropping your phone at all, because this particular gadget is also shockproof. Whether you're at the beach jet skiing or kicking back on a sunny lake, this summer travel gadget has got you covered.

These summer travel gadgets will have your back this summer. Whether you're taking pictures, dropping your phone or need to be free cords and wires when you deal with your phone. I think you'll have something from our top 6 to pick from. Any of these will be great to add to your summer gear. Happy Travels!


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