The Five Best Music Apps For Your Christmas Jams

November 20, 2019 2 min read

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone is getting into the spirit and warming up their vocals to sing along to Mariah Carey!

If you’re ready to get into the Christmas Spirit, here are the top five best music apps for your Christmas Jams!

5. Amazon Music

With the popularity of Alexa and Echo, it’s no surprise that Amazon threw its hat in the music ring. The platform offers access to over 50 million songs for $10 a month. Prime Members get a discounted rate of $8 a month. That means you’ll only have to pay a maximum of $10 to fill your December with Bing Crosby, Pentatonix, and all of your Christmas favorites!

The only downside to this service is there is no offline streaming, which can hinder your music-listening (and caroling) experience.

4. Apple Music

Apple led the charge soon after Pandora and iHeartRadio became popular. However, it has survived, while their base has dwindled. This survival owes itself to the service’s 50 million song library, which includes scores of Christmas albums and even Christmas playlists, all for $10 a month.

What puts this platform above Amazon Music, though, is its $5 a month student rate for all those jolly college kids!

3. YouTube Music

We’ve all been watching YouTube music videos since 2008, so it makes sense that YouTube joined the crowd of music streaming services. 

YouTube Music gives you free streaming online of all the Christmas Classics, but if you want to go offline with your Christmas Spirit, you have to subscribe. Their Premium subscription will cost you $10 a month.

2. Google Play

With the recent news that Google Play will soon become a part of the YouTube Music App, you may think that now would be a bad time to jump on the Google Play bandwagon.

That is not the case for this holiday! 

We don’t have an exact date for the merge yet, and while you have the Google Play $10 a month subscription, you also get access to YouTube Red, which is enough to get anyone into a jolly and merry mood!



Finally, the very top of the heap! Spotify takes our top spot because of its 50 million song library that includes podcasts, talk shows, and personalized playlists, not to mention countless Christmas Playlists all wrapped up in bows. Listening online costs nothing, and when you do want to go offline, there are amazing deals.

To download music or podcasts offline, Spotify Premium will cost you $10 a month, however, they also offer a special $4.99 a month rate for students! So, with Spotify Premium, students can listen to any artist in Spotify’s library. It’s nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

But wait--there’s more! Students can also bundle Spotify Premium with Hulu and Showtime for that same $4.99 a month rate.

All of these reasons will make you open Spotify and sing, “all I want for Christmas is you!”


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