Tips to Avoid Losing Your Earbuds

January 30, 2020 2 min read

We’ve all done it. One day we’re jamming out to our favorite playlist, and the next day, we can’t find our earbuds. Especially when those earbuds are high-quality or expensive, losing them can be a serious bummer. Luckily, Rowkin has some tips to help you keep track of your earbuds and find them if you do misplace them!

Make a Habit

Our first tip to keeping track of your earbuds is making a habit with them. Make a habit of placing them somewhere secure or safe whenever you’re done using them. Whether that be your backpack, wallet, purse, or fanny pack.

Once you make a habit like this, the chances of your earbuds ending up somewhere they shouldn’t be is greatly minimized.


Have a Designated Place

Another great idea for keeping track of your earbuds is having a designated place for them when you’re home or aren’t using them. This could be a bowl where you keep your keys or a special pocket of your purse. I even place them in front of the gear shift when I get in my car.

If you have a designated place for your earbuds, then the chances of your earbuds being in that place when you aren’t using them go up, and the chances of misplacing them go down.


The Tile

Even if we employ the above tricks, there is still a small chance that we may misplace our earbuds. Luckily, there is an amazing product out there that makes finding missing accessories easy.

The Tile Tracker is a nifty tool that sticks to the carrier case of your wireless earbuds or can hang from the wires of your wired earbuds. That Tile connects to your phone via an awesome app. If and when you misplace your earbuds, just click a button on the app, and it will locate them for you!


Retracing Your Steps

In the event that you forego the Tile and do end up losing your earbuds, here is our advice: retrace your steps! This is pretty common advice when it comes to finding lost objects, but that’s because it works.

Sure, it isn’t exactly following a track of your own footsteps, but if you focus on where you last had your earbuds, then the places where it could have been lost, tracking down your lost earbuds becomes a lot easier. Even more, retracing your steps and thinking about it in a calm and logical way helps to keep any panic at bay, which is always helpful.


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