Top 5 Exercises to Get Your Summer Body: Women's Edition

March 06, 2020 3 min read

Everyone knows that getting your summer body ready is not easy. Even with your trusty wireless earbuds at your side, it can be difficult to even know where to start. Lucky for you, we are continuing our series on exercises to help you get your summer body. This week, we are focusing on the ladies!

Male and female anatomy can be very different, which means that the exercises on this list won’t necessarily be on the Men’s Edition list, so make sure to pay attention and get ready!



Starting off with the legs, lunges are a great way to get your quad muscles and hamstrings toned. You can add weights to this exercise for a challenge, or you can even try lunging out further for more stretch!

Ideally, this exercise should be in more than one set of 12 to 20 reps. Of course, that’s 12 to 20 reps each leg! The most important thing to note about this exercise is to keep your back and chest straight, or you may experience back pain.


Four-Way Shoulder

This exercise is an interesting one because it combines four different arm exercises into one! The first is a simple front arm raise from straight down at your sides to out in front of you. The second part is moving your arms from that forward position and out until they are perpendicular to your sides. Then, there’s another arm raise, but from your sides to that perpendicular position. Finally, bend those elbows to a right angle and rotate your arms from fingers or knuckles pointing to pointing straight out in front of you.

This exercise can be done with dumbbells or no weight at all, which means it is a great option for home workouts! Make sure to do one set with 20 reps of each move. I promise, your arms will be noodles afterward!



This type of exercise was on the Men’s Edition list, too, but only because it is so critical to earning that summer body. Cardio aims to get your heart rate up to a certain level. You’ll want to be in the 55 to 85 percent range of your maximum heart rate. For example, if you are 25 years old and want to achieve 75 percent of your maximum heart rate, you’ll want to stay at around 146 beats per minute. Here’s a nifty calculator to find yours:

For women, the best kind of cardio is prolonged walking or going up flights of stairs! Make sure that, no matter what kind of cardio you pick, you’re maintaining that ideal heart rate and going for at least 30 minutes to an hour!


Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are one of the best exercises to target your abs. Unlike sit-ups and crunches, leg lifts allow you to keep your head on the floor and reduce back and neck pain. This particular exercise targets both your upper and lower abs and ads in an extra kick to those leg muscles.

Ideally, this exercise should be done in two sets of twenty. Make sure to keep all parts of your back on the floor, which keeps your core tight and abs working hard.



This exercise was also on our Men’s Edition, but that’s just because it is so important. It doesn’t matter if you’re working to get a summer body, a spring body, or an all-year-round body, you need to stretch!

Stretching before a workout ensures that your body is ready for what you are going to push it to do. Stretching before a workout also prevents injury during a workout. It is also important to stretch after a workout to avoid soreness and pain after the fact. If you aren’t as sore after a workout on Tuesday, you’ll be ready to go for your workout on Wednesday or Thursday. Stretching helps you to continue on your journey to your goal summer body.

Bottom Line

All five of these exercises will help you in different ways to achieve your summer body, but it is important to note that you can’t outwork your fork. If you really want to slim down or bulk up for summer, you’ll need to eat like it, too!

And don’t forget that you’re only as motivated as you want to be, so pop in those earbuds and get to work!


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