Top Tech Trends for 2020

December 06, 2019 3 min read

We have seen a lot of popular technology trends in 2019, including the rise of wireless earbuds, virtual reality gaming systems, and in-home artificial intelligence systems. Though we can’t be certain of what 2020 and the next decade will bring, here are some predictions for which tech gadgets will stay hot, and which will be swept under the rug.

Stays With You

This category is for all of the smaller tech that can go with you wherever you roam. In this case, we have wireless earbuds and headphones and smartwatches.


Wireless Earbuds

Wireless headphones have been around for a while, with wireless earbuds released in 2016, most notably by Apple. The Apple Airpods added to the popularity of wireless earbuds, giving rise to other brands, like Sony and Rowkin.

With every new update to wireless earbuds, the sound quality and features only get better, which is why we predict that the wireless earbud trend will continue through 2020.



Whether they are Apple Watches or Fitbits or somewhere in between, smartwatches are on countless wrists throughout the tech world. 

With every new version that is released, smartwatches become--well--smarter. They can read and send text messages, track your exercise, and even give you directions. With a society that is on the go all the time, it is safe to say that smartwatches will remain a top pick for technology fans in 2020.



In the last few years, technology front-runners like Amazon, Sony, and others have invested in what goes into their customers’ homes. This investment has paid off for them, as over 100 million in-home AI assistants and over 25 million vacuum robots have been sold in the last decade alone.


AI Assistants

These helping hands have become increasingly popular over the last few years. The most notable and easiest to remember is the Amazon Alexa or Echo. Hundreds of millions of households are furnished with these incredible assistants.

In the beginning, these AI’s would act like Apple’s Siri and answer questions about the weather, tell jokes, or even recite recipes. Now, though, this technology can turn on or off appliances within the house, trigger home alarm systems, and keep kids entertained for hours.

With the next versions of these AIs set to be released for Christmas, there is no doubt that in-home AI assistants are here to stay. 


Robot Vacuums

If you have seen the posts about these cool gadgets, you’ll know that they’ve vacuumed their way in consumers’ hearts. From Roombas to iRobot, these nifty house sweepers keep floors shiny and people amused.

In the past, there have only been two brands of robot vacuums, Roomba and iRobot, however, Shark has announced the release of its own robot vacuum. This increase in competition will no doubt lead to more price options, advertisements, and popularity for this technology in 2020.


Smart Doorbells

These security doorbells came out of nowhere back in 2013, and have created a market for themselves. Originally, these systems would show a homeowner who was ringing their doorbell. Now, though, with over 9 brands on the market, like Google, SimpliSafe, and Nest, these doorbells have upped their game.

You can now expect these doorbells to come with fully functioning home security systems, live video feed, and even night vision. With amazing upgrades like these and more to come, it is no stretch to say that 2020 has great things in store for smart doorbells.


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