What Makes the Rowkin Sound Experience Exceptional?

February 21, 2020 2 min read

There’s a reason Rowkin is a beloved wireless earbud brand. We made a promise, and that promise is to give our customers a heightened listening and sound experience. We want you to be able to hear every syllable and note as clear as they were meant to.

The big question is how do we do it? What makes the Rowkin Sound Experience Exceptional? The answer is simple, we use the best drivers out there to ensure your sound quality is as clear as possible. But that wasn’t enough: we also make all of our earbuds with omnidirectional speakers.


Our Drivers

In terms of music, drivers are the pieces of a speaker or an earbud that convert an electric audio signal into sound. Depending on the kind of driver, the sound will come out at different frequencies. Some of these frequencies are of better quality than others. 

There are five kinds of drivers for headphones or earbuds: 

  • Dynamic

  • Balanced armature

  • Planar magnetic

  • Electrostatic

  • Magnetostriction

For our drivers, we use the dynamic type. Because their structure is simpler than the others, dynamic drivers are effective and don’t need as much power to reach higher volumes. This is preferred in wireless earbuds because you can conserve your charge and listen for longer!

In addition to reaching that higher volume with less power, dynamic drivers also offer a good amount of bass sound so you can feel the notes of every song!


 Our Speakers

When it comes to speakers, there are essentially two kinds: directional and omnidirectional. Directional speakers distribute sound straight in one direction, making it more difficult to hear if you are at an angle from the speaker or your earbud isn’t completely in place in your ear.

Luckily, Rowkin uses omnidirectional speakers in our earbuds. This means that no matter what side of a speaker you are on, you’ll be able to hear the sound just as clearly as if you were in front of it. The same goes for when the earbud is in your ear. Even if it isn’t completely in place, you’ll still get the same great sound quality.

Bottom Line

Rowkin uses two key aspects of our earbuds to tailor a premium listening experience for each and every one of our customers. Using dynamic drivers and omnidirectional speakers, we have designed wireless earbuds that let you listen at whatever volume you want without losing charge and keep your sound quality at the same awesome level no matter what position the earbud is in your ear.


We want you to feel like you’re in the front row of your favorite concert every time you use Rowkin earbuds! Happy listening!


Rowkin offers the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds with high-quality sound and deep bass. Check out the product selections here:https://www.rowkin.com/collections/featured-products

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