Why True Wireless?

December 28, 2019 4 min read

Why is true wireless a good investment?

How many times have your headphone wires caught on something, tearing them out of your ears mid-workout?  This is only one of the many annoyances associated with traditional wired headphones. The good news is that true wireless technology has evolved tremendously since its conception (circa 2015).  There are five excellent reasons to go wireless:

1. No. More. Tangled. Cords.

Can you imagine how much time you’ve wasted in your lifetime untangling those dreaded Apple earbud cords?  Wireless Bluetooth earbuds offer complete freedom. There is nothing tethering you to a device, or threatening to trip you in your tracks.  One of the major advantages of true wireless tech is the convenience that it offers. Complete chores around the house, lift weights, cook an entire Thanksgiving meal, or commute on public transportation-- the use-cases are endless.


2. Comfort.

We’ve come along way from giant over-ear headphones (despite the fact that they have strangely come back in vogue in recent years).  Research in ergonomics have helped manufacturers design an earbud with a universal (and comfortable) fit. The best true wireless earbuds fit snugly in the ear canal, are light-weight to prevent fatigue, and fit securely even during vigorous activity.


3. Wireless is the future.

In 2016, Apple ditched the 3.5 mm headphone jack in exchange for a Lightning connector.  If this is any indication of where technology is moving (hint: it is), headphone jacks may very well go extinct in the near future.  True wireless earbuds are compatible with all new iterations of the iPhone, and virtually any devices that support Bluetooth!


4. Aesthetically pleasing.

Apple AirPods have been criticized a lot for their unappealing look.  Luckily, there are other options if you are looking for discrete earbuds.  Manufacturers have developed in-ear options that are minimal and suit all personal styles.  (See: Rowkin Pace)  Additionally, while we DO NOT condone cheating on exams, Rowkin has gotten the Reddit community’s attention for making a tiny Bluetooth earpiece small enough that it is nearly undetectable!


5. Great for a variety of lifestyles.

True wireless earbuds are suitable for a variety of lifestyles that require freedom of movement.  We would recommend true wireless styles over wireless styles for gamers, travelers, commuters, and even athletes. Look for earbuds with extensive battery life or in a compact size, depending on which factor is more important to you.




How do true wireless earbuds work?


How do true wireless headphones work?  Is it magic? Well, no. True wireless headphones work using Bluetooth technology.  Bluetooth is a radio-wave technology invented in the late 90’s that is designed for communicating over short distances.  Radio waves are exchanged over 2.45GHz in a band of 79 different frequencies, or channels. This is why earbuds like Rowkin’s Ascent Charge require a brief “pairing process”.  Each earpiece contains an antenna that sends and receives the wireless signal.  

Bluetooth technology works similarly in both wireless and true wireless earbud technologies.  If you’re struggling to understand the difference between “wireless” and “true wireless” headphones, know that wireless headphones have a cable between the two earpieces, while true wireless headphones lack any type of wire altogether.  In wireless headphones, data is delivered over Bluetooth to a receiver in the headphones and through the drivers in the headphones.  True wireless headphones work in a similar fashion, except that the Bluetooth signal is transmitted to a “main” or “master” earpiece, and then that earpiece relays the signal to the other earpiece.

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Why Ascent Charge?


The latest in technology.

In the past, the most limiting feature of true wireless technology was their need for battery power.  That is why many manufacturers developed self-charging storage cases to maximize the battery life of wireless Bluetooth earbuds.  Another limiting feature was poor connectivity due to a weak Bluetooth connection.

The Rowkin Ascent Chargehas tackled both of these issues head-on.   The charging case boasts 50+ hours of music/talk time and can recharge your earbuds a full 15 times before needing to be recharged itself.  Ascent uses Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), making it easier to connect to a wider range of devices, use less battery life, and integrate into mobile applications (iOS and Android).


Sound quality.

The “driver” in a wireless earbud is what delivers the sound you hear when your earbud is playing music.  The quality of the driver will determine what kind of sound comes out. Rowkin Ascent earbuds are built with dynamic drivers with premium mylar diaphragms that deliver a good amount of bass response for a superior listening experience.  You can also customize your listening experience by adjusting the equalizer in the Rowkin Mobile App (Download for: iOS/Android)!

The biggest difference in sound quality, on both wired and wireless headphones, is going to depend on the brand and the quality. Different manufacturers design headphones with different equalization (or EQ) levels.


Price point.

Not everyone is ready to fork out $300 for Sennheiser or Bang & Olufsen true wireless earbuds. The amazing thing about Rowkin Ascent True Wireless Earbuds is that they are exceptionally quality at a low price point. Grab a Rowkin Ascent Charge+ for the added benefit of a Qi wireless charger included in the box. It can charge both your cell phone and the Rowkin Ascent charging case!


Rowkin offers the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds with high-quality sound and deep bass. Check out the product selections here:https://www.rowkin.com/collections/featured-products

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