Wireless Earbuds and Microphones: The Breakdown

September 17, 2019 2 min read

Not all wireless earbuds are created equal. In fact, some don’t even have microphones. This can be a problem, especially if you’re a college student or business professional who values the convenience of speaking without holding your phone to your ear.

Types of Microphones

For the earbuds that do have microphones, they tend to fall into one of two categories, directional and omnidirectional.

Directional microphones are less complex and are designed to only receive sound from one direction. This means that your mouth would have to be on a particular side of the microphone for it to pick up your voice.

Omnidirectional microphones are more complex and can receive sound from all sides and directions. This makes them much more effective for earbuds, that way your voice can be heard, no matter how the earbud is positioned in your ear.


Our Earbud Microphones

All Rowkin earbuds use omnidirectional microphones, along with other features that a great microphone needs.

Rowkin earbuds like the Base Line are even equipped with Dual-mic CVC noise cancellation so background noise doesn’t interfere with your call. And you won’t even have to stuff yourself into a phone booth--do they even have those anymore? 

The Ascent Series wireless earbuds also feature echo cancellation to ensure that you never hear your voice echoed back at you during an important call because we all know that echo back is the same hearing your voice in a recording--the worst.

Bottom Line

Rowkin earbuds are all equipped with omnidirectional microphones that can pick up your voice while canceling out the background noise from around you and eliminate that annoying echo that comes with wireless conversations.


Rowkin offers the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds with high-quality sound and deep bass. Check out the product selections here:https://www.rowkin.com/collections/featured-products

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