Eat Like An Olympian: Quick and Easy Healthy Peanut Butter Recipes

The average American will eat nearly 3,000 PB&J sandwiches in their lifetime.  I for one, can attest to the accuracy of this statistic.  I refused to eat anything besides PB&Js for lunch during elementary school (to the dismay and frustration of my mother).  So it’s not surprising that there’s an entire day dedicated to this gooey, delicious, protein-rich spreadable.  Unfortunately, peanut butter has a bit of a bad reputation.  Once ostracized for it’s high fat content during the low-fat fads of the 90’s (see: The rise and fall of the no-fat fad), peanut butter has officially made a comeback.  Lucky for you, we’ve put together a couple of peanut butter centered recipes that will keep your waist-line in check, and your body fueled.

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5 Surefire Ways to Save On Flight Tickets

Everybody loves traveling for holidays and for all other special occasions. However, traveling can get pricey and many are left trying to find the best ways to make their vacations budget-friendly. Of course, this can get tough when airfare costs so much. And, unless you know certain tricks, finding affordable flights can be a hassle. Did you know that on a plane with 150 seats, there could be 50 different prices online? To make sure you find the cheapest ticket there is, check out these 5 surefire ways to save on flight tickets.

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5 Genius Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Special Someone

We all love surprises and gifts, especially when they come from loved ones. If you want to try something different this year, your typical plan – dinner and a box of chocolates – could perhaps use a little shakeup. There is no perfect universal gift for every person, but there are a few things every lover would like to receive. Here are our 5 genius Valentine's Day ideas for your special someone.

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