5 Awesome Hacks You Need To Know For Your iPhone 7

Do you have a new iPhone 7 but are still learning the ins and outs of it? Check out these five iPhone 7 hacks so you can look like you’re up to date and appropriately tech savvy. Plus, it can make your mobile experience all the more easier! 

Typo? Shake It Up, Shake It Up

Whether you want to delete something or undo an error, this iPhone 7 hack is as easy as shaking your device. Think etch-a-sketch shaking style—a must-know hack for those of us who second guess our text messages or just have troubling finding the keys we want.

Pick Your Preference: Desktop vs. Mobile View

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.16.53 AM.png

If you prefer to peruse the desktop version of a web page, use this easy iPhone 7 hack to change it from one to the other. Open up your Safari, press and hold the refresh button, and choose the “Request Desktop Site” prompt.

Customize Your iPhone 7 Home Button

Feel at home by customizing your iPhone 7 home button or even the vibration settings. Go to Settings > General > Home button and select the feel that’s right for you. Easy as one, two three, touch!

Finally Find What You’re Looking For [⌘ F]

The mobile partner of the ⌘F function is now doable on the the iOS 9 software. When in the Safari app, tap the share button (the little rectangle with an arrow coming out of it), choose the magnifying glass image that is captioned ‘find on page’ and type in your word of choice. Much easier done than said, try for yourself!

Start A New Sentence Hassle Free

Instead of trying to hit the tiny button that provides a period, just double-tap the spacebar to add a period AND a space so that you can start a new sentence without any trouble at all.

Whether you’re legitimately struggling to navigate your iPhone 7 or you just want some iPhone 7 hacks that earn oohs and aahs from your friends, this list is sure to catch you up to speed on iOS 9 and all it has to offer. Do you have more iPhone hacks to share? Let your fellow Apple lovers know in the comments!