5 Genius Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Special Someone

We all love surprises and gifts, especially when they come from loved ones. If you want to try something different this year, your typical plan – dinner and a box of chocolates – could perhaps use a little shakeup. There is no perfect universal gift for every person, but there are a few things every lover would like to receive. Here are our 5 genius Valentine's Day ideas for your special someone.

Take The Lead & Plan Everything Out

Valentines Ideas 2018

If your partner is the one who has to plan everything out for you two, then maybe this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to switch roles. This year you can be the one who plans your special dinner, movie date, or maybe even a picnic on the beach. Tell your significant other to relax and surprise them with a perfect date. If you are out of ideas for an interesting date, check out our next idea.

Recreate Your First Date

You can make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet by recreating your first date. But, make sure to recreate every single thing from the moment you two met that day to the awkward kiss or hug you shared at the end of the night. The more details you get to recapture, the better. If you two are married, you can end your date by rereading the vows you made at your wedding.

Try Out Something New

Valentines Day Ideas 2018

Remember when you two started dating and every single thing which you did together was new and exciting, even the first trip to the market. You can recapture those feelings by trying something new out together. It can be something as simple as going to that restaurant which opened recently or booking a hot air balloon trip.

Cook Dinner Together

Maybe this year you two decided that you should stay at home for Valentine’s Day. But, that doesn’t mean your evening can’t be romantic. One simple yet very romantic Valentine’s Day idea is to cook dinner together. There are few things that can bring couples closer or make them feel more nurturing, and cooking together is one of them. So, channel your inner Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and make that dinner together.

Romantic Side of Facebook

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Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. And, this year, you can use Facebook to help you out. You can click through your old Facebook posts together. Facebook can group all your interactions with one person when you click the “see friendship” button on their profile. Or, you can make a photo album by printing out all those posts and photos. Don’t forget to include a romantic message or a quote as well!

What are some of your Valentine's Day ideas?