5 Surefire Ways to Save On Flight Tickets

Everybody loves traveling for holidays and for all other special occasions. However, traveling can get pricey and many are left trying to find the best ways to make their vacations budget-friendly. Of course, this can get tough when airfare costs so much. And, unless you know certain tricks, finding affordable flights can be a hassle. Did you know that on a plane with 150 seats, there could be 50 different prices online? To make sure you find the cheapest ticket there is, check out these 5 surefire ways to save on flight tickets.

Choose The Right Day

Right Day To Buy Airplane Tickets

Many people tend to research flight tickets during the week and then buy the ticket at the weekend. But, if you buy your tickets on a Saturday, there is a great chance you are paying over the odds. Airline pricing tends to change very frequently. The price you see one day (or perhaps even hour) might increase/decrease the next. According to research data by Skyscanner, those who purchase flight tickets on Saturday pay about 5% more than those who make their purchase on Monday. 5% may not seem much, but it does make quite a difference for pricey flights or group trips. According to Huffington Post, Tuesday is generally the best day to buy tickets. 

Go Incognito

Incognito Budget Flights

Airline companies have one neat trick which makes you purchase a flight ticket much sooner than you planned to. Every time you search for a certain flight, the ticket price might change a little. Websites use cookies saved in your browser and if you repeatedly search for the same route, the flight price will increase. This is their way of scaring you into booking the flight before the prices get even higher. The best way to avoid this is to go incognito or search the web in private browsing mode.

Book in Advance

Book Flight Tickets Cheap

According to a study by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, you can pay 6% below the average price if you book your flight ticket six weeks in advance. But the six-week period will not guarantee you a cheaper ticket. Currently, this is just one of the “trends” and it might change quickly. If you are not in a hurry, keep an eye out on the ticket for some time and try to figure out on your own when would be the right time for buying it. If you don’t think you can do this on your own, there are some websites that can help you out.

Use Flight Search Engines

Flight Search Engines

Flight search engines can help you save on flight tickets greatly. For example, sometimes it is cheaper to book a return flight on a different airline. Instead of doing all the research, a flight search engine can do all the work for you and bring you the best deal. Or, you can use it to set up a price alert and know immediately when the flight ticket prices increase or decrease. You can also check for all-inclusive deals online that come with lodging and flights included helping save more money.

Here are some search engines you can use:

Consider Budget Airlines

Budget Cheaper Airlines

Budget airlines have several pros and cons. The greatest advantage of using budget airlines is getting significantly cheaper flight tickets. Unfortunately, using a budget airline also means making some compromises. It is very likely that you will have less leg room and no food/drink on-board. If this is something you wouldn’t mind, then flying budget is possibly one of the best ways to save on flight tickets. Here are some well-known budget airlines for some top visited regions:

U.S. Domestic



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