7 Savory & Festive Foods for the 4th of July

Hosting a 4th of July BBQ? Make your summer BBQ a hit with these 7 savory and festive foods.

Get The Grill Going: Burgers & Dogs For Days

4th July Savory Food BBQ Hot Dog

Turn on the heat and invite the whole family. Buy some Waygu beef burgers for this special celebration of Independence Day and all-American hot dogs. Grill them to perfection, and add some ketchup, mustard or relish as a garnish—or all three!

Fresh Fourth Melon Mix


Mix together some fresh watermelon, honeydew, cucumber cubes, and basil for a refreshing alternative to summer salads. Add a pinch of Himalayan salt on top to really make the flavors pop like a firework!

4th of July Brunch: Patriotic Pancakes


Starting the party early? Whip up some pancake batter, slice n’ dice the strawberries and sprinkle the perfect number of blueberries and raspberries on top of a fresh short-stack. To really sweeten up the morning, mix together some homemade whipped cream—adding strawberry or blueberry juice to alter the color.

Fruit Pizza

4th Of July Pizza Fruit Food

The 4th’s fruit pizza is a fun alternative to your typical pizza pie. Buy premade sugar cookie dough, or mix some of your own for the base (cook the base!). For the sauce, spread your favorite flavor of cream cheese over the dough. And finally, chop up some red, white and blue berries to design the toppings

Red, White and Blue Strawberries

Fruit 4th Of July

Dip each strawberry in melted white chocolate chips, and let them cool as you prepare the next step. Either add food coloring to the white chocolate to make tie-dye red and blue swirls, or skip the cooling stage and dip the wet white chocolate directly into red and blue sprinkles.

Not Your Average Nachos


Mix together a bag of blue corn tortilla chips and regular white corn tortilla chips on a baking pan. Next, sprinkle your favorite melting cheese over the chips and pop it in the oven. While the cheese melts, dice up some heirloom tomatoes for a fresh and festive salsa to top off this zesty dish.

American Pie!

American Pie 4th Of July

Drive your Chevy to the levee and pick up some supplies. Lay down your favorite pie crust recipe, bake it to perfection, and leave it out to cool. In the meantime, swirl together some mixed berries, and fashion an American flag lattice top—or whatever combination of stars and stripes you can muster.

Spice up your 4th of July with these easy savory and festive foods! Have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below or leave us a comment on social media!