20 Best Holiday Tech Gifts 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018, Christmas Gift Guide 2018

20 Best Holiday Tech Gifts 2018

by: Brittany Cosenza

If the first sustained note of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has you in a sentimental tizzy, then you my friend, are ready for Christmas in October. We love the holiday season here at Rowkin, but we understand how overwhelming the gift shopping process can be. Did you remember to get a gift for Uncle John? What should you get your teenage cousin whos only hobby is blasting emo-revival music from his red-lit cave-room? Don’t worry; Rowkin has got you covered. We’ve listed some of the top holiday tech gifts of 2018, all conveniently available on Amazon, so that you can point, click, and get on with your bad self. Happy shopping!

  1. For the fitness enthusiast.

FitBit Alta HR

The newest FitBit is the slimmest design yet, measuring heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep stages. This would be a great gift for a fitness junkie, or somebody that wants to up their health-game.

Photo by  TechCrunch - FitBitAlta HR

Photo by TechCrunch- FitBitAlta HR


2. For the gamer.

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition


Give the gift of childhood nostalgia! Nothing beats playing Mario on the original Nintendo!

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

3. For the audiophile on the move.

Rowkin Ascent Charge+


Skip Apple AirPods, and gift the more stylish Rowkin Ascent Charge+. These true wireless earbuds not only sound great, but Ascent comes with a Qi charger that charges the earbud case completely wirelessly!

Rowkin Ascent Charge+ True Wireless Earbuds

4. For the green thumb.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit


Nothing beats fresh basil. Gift this to the cooking enthusiast or cocktail lover. (Cucumber-Basil Gin and Tonic anyone?)

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit

5. For the skincare junkie.

Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System


Wrinkles are so 2017. Age gracefully with this diamond microdermabrasion system! (Just be sensitive who you gift this to! Nobody wants to be called old.)

Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System

6. For the germaphobe.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger


According to this company’s website, cell phones harbor an average of 18x more bacteria than a public restroom. Gift this to the lady in your life that never leaves her house without a bag of WetWipes. She’ll thank you.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger

7. For the sentimental type.



Because Instagram isn’t instant enough. Print your pictures immediately after taking them, and pop them on your fridge!

Canon IVY Mini Mobile Photo Printer

8. For the absent-minded.

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery


Never hear your spouse complain about their lost glasses or remote again. Really, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery

9. For the light traveler.

Rowkin Ascent Micro True Wireless Earbuds


Rowkin Ascent Charge+’s convenient and compact little brother. True wireless earbuds that pack a powerful punch. Plus, they’re the smallest true wireless earbuds available on the market!

Rowkin Ascent Micro True Wireless Earbuds

10. For the reader.

Kindle Oasis E-reader

Even the most stubborn late adopter won’t be able to resist the first waterproof Kindle. Just add a Lush bath bomb or a beach vacation into the mix, and you have a gift that can’t fail.

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

11. For the videographer.

Force1 Quadcopter Drone


Whether your gift recipient is an amateur photographer or a professional videographer, there are unlimited possibilities for what a drone can capture. Just make sure they follow the FAA guidelines for these tiny unmanned aircraft.

Force1 Quadcopter Drone

12. For the student.

Tzowla Anti-Theft College Backpack


Put a stop to opportunistic crime with this anti-theft college backpack. This is a great gift for the commuter (think BART riders) or individuals who walk to school or work.

Tzowla Anti-Theft Backpack

13. For the dreamer.

Magnetic Moon Lamp


Completely awesome and completely useless. Perfect for that person in your life that “has everything”.

Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp by LEVILUNA

14. For the entertainer.

LEGELITE LED Smart Light Bulb


Nothing creates a more moody atmosphere like colored lights. This is a great gift for the folks in your life who love to throw a party. Controlled from an app on your phone, this light makes a fantastic holiday gift.


15. For the camper or outdoors lover.

goTenna Mesh | Two Off-Grid SMS & GPS Devices


Do you have a friend or family member who loves to go “off the grid”? Keep them safe with this smart device that allows you to privately relay texts and GPS locations between devices regardless of phone service, routers, towers, or satellites.

goTenna Mesh Off-Grid SMS & GPS Device

16. For the bossy-type.

Amazon Alexa


The device we love to hate. Ask Alexa how to cook bacon, and she’ll tell you that it takes 6 days. (We’re assuming that also includes the slaughter of the pig.) . Despite her flaws, Alexa is a fantastic bluetooth speaker that the whole family can appreciate.

Amazon Alexa

17. For the techie who loves to cruise.

OjO Smart Electric Commuter Scooter


If your loved one has a need for speed and you happen to have an extra $2,000 lying around, this scooter is the best gift EVER.

Ford OJO Scooter

18. For the pet-lover.

Whistle - Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor


Does your gift recipient have more pictures of their pets on Facebook than their human family members? Give them the gift of extra pet protection with this pet-tracking GPS system that easily clips on your dog’s or cat’s collar.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

19. For the YouTuber.

The GoPro:  GoPro HERO7 Black 4K Action Camera


The camera that everyone wants. A perfect gift for the YouTuber or social media influencer in your life.

GoPro HERO7 Black

20. For the stressed-out friend.

essential oil humidifier


Lavender essential oil can mellow out even the most wound-up friend you have. Give them the gift of serenity with this essential oil humidifier for home or office.

Essential Oil Humidifier by URPOWER

That’s a wrap!

Have a gift that you would have liked to see on this list? Have some recommendations for gifts that have been a hit for you? Leave us some suggestions in the comments down below, and don’t forget to share this gift guide using the social links below!