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Love A Tree Day-Top Forests & Jungles To Visit In Your Lifetime

If you don’t consider yourself a “tree-hugger”, I’m here to tell you why you should reconsider.  For starters, May 16th is national Love A Tree Day. Besides being visually stunning, trees also reduce erosion, produce oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and moderate the climate by lowering temperatures, reducing energy usage and removing air pollutants!  Do you live in a major metropolitan area? Rowkin is based in San Mateo, on the peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many of our trees are neatly lined up and definitely not naturally occurring. While we love some good ole city planning, we love trees of the unplanned variety (particularly if they are trees we encounter on an adventure).  We’ve got a fantastic list of the top forests and jungles around the world to plan out your next one! Pictures won’t do them justice. You’ve gotta see them to believe them…

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