Ditch The Gym. Here Are Top 10 Summer Activities To Keep You Active

Too hot to follow your normal exercise routine at the gym? Try these 10 summer alternative activities to supplement your summer workouts. Even if it’s as simple as setting up a BBQ or mowing the lawn, these summer activities are the perfect way to spice up the dog days.


Get the grill going


Set up some outdoor BBQ games like cornhole, Spike ball, and KanJam to play while the burgers cook to perfection. According to Fitness Magazine, twenty minutes of barbecuing translates to an easy 50 calories burned. Add in the outdoor games and this summer BBQ will be just what you need to stay happy, healthy, and active.


Hit the green


Uncover those clubs you haven’t used since last summer and make reservations at your favorite course. Sign up some buddies to come along with you and make a day of it!


Head to the hills for a hike


Explore your local nature alongside your family, friends, and dog as you stroll through the woods. In just six minutes of hiking, you burn more than 50 calories! If you’re alone, bring along the Rowkin Bit Stereo for some pristine truly wireless on the go stereo sound.


Play catch in your own backyard


Dig up your old mitt and have a catch with some friends. No backyard? Head to the park and meet up with work buddies outside of the office.


Want to be productive & active? Mow the lawn!


Fix up your lawn and trim your hedges as you get some cool summer activity in the setting sun. This is the perfect combination of productivity and activity.


On a roll? Wash your car while you’re at it


Fifteen minutes of car-washing movement burns more than 50 calories, and makes your car shiny as new. Get after it while the sun is shining and the tunes are bumping on a warm summer afternoon.


Bring out the tennis whites!


Tennis is a perfect game to play on a warm summer evening or a lazy sunday afternoon. Lace up your tennis shoes, grab a partner, and get swingin’ with this fun summer activity to keep you active.


Can’t fit any of these fun activities in? Just take the stairs!

The stairs are nearly always a choice, but are seldom chosen. Change it up this summer by making a conscious choice to trek up to your office—hopefully, the stairwell is air-conditioned!


Rise and shine for early morning yoga


When it’s hot outside, it’s hard to get motivated in the later hours of the day—so start your day off right with some sunrise yoga before heading into the office. You’ll find it to be a surprisingly perfect way to start to your summer weekdays.

Cruise through the streets


Grab your bike and head down the driveway to explore your city or town. A light spin is the perfect way to get your heart rate up without turning on the sweat.

Beyond the typical summer activities of swimming in the pool, laying on the beach and surfing in the waves, these are the top ten ways to stay active this summer that should be added to your list. Whether you’re a exercise guru or a casual stroller, skip the gym and join in on these summer activities.