Father's Day Tech Gift Guide 2018

For many of us growing up, Dad was a source of wisdom and (sometimes unsolicited) advice.  He may have had scolded you for getting less than an A, but that tough love gave you the fantastic work ethic you now possess.  Dad probably taught you how to ride a bike, and encouraged you to nurture your many talents and skills. This Father’s day, show some gratitude for putting up with all the attitude you gave him over the years.   Whether the Father on your list is a tech-whiz, or can hardly type a text message, we have the best tech gifts that will show Dad (or the father figure in your life) just how much you appreciate him! To make sure you get it on time (Saturday, June 17th), all of our Dad’s Day gifts are available on Amazon.  Happy shopping!

1. Gift for Music Lovers

Is Dad an audiophile?  Get him the ultimate in wireless bluetooth tech with the Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo.  Hands-free calls, unparallelled sound, and portable charging will make Dad feel on top of the world.  Learn more about true wireless headphones and why they’re the thing to have right now.

2. Gift for Photographers

Is Dad into photography?  Give him the power to take breathtaking shots from above with this incredible portable mini drone.  

3. Gift for Bossy Dads

Does Dad love to boss people around?  Alexa is an especially fun way to get rid of repressed anger.  Oh, and she’s also a hands-free voice-controlled device capable of playing music, answering questions, and controlling other smart home devices.

4. Gift for Health Conscious Dad

Is Dad a major fitness junkie?  This fitness tracker looks like a regular watch, but boasts several powerful tools to track heart rate, navigate with GPS, and even make contactless payments!  If he’s into staying healthy, show him some of these useful health apps while you’re at it.

5. Gift for Game Lover Dad

If Dad’s got a Navi “Hey Listen!” text-tone, or a particular affinity for Mario, Minecraft, Call of Duty, or Pac-Man, then he’d probably love a Nintendo Switch.  He can catch up with all his games on the go, or connect it to his TV at home.

6. Gift for Dad's Who Like to Travel

If Dad travels for work or pleasure frequently, then he would undoubtedly appreciate this Smart suitcase!  It’s puncture resistant, has recessed wheels for maximum capacity, and has a hidden USB port for on-the-go charging. Does he wish he could travel more frequently?  Get him this suitcase and send him these tips on traveling the world without quitting your day job.

7. Gift for Dads Who Love Sleep

Dad won’t be able to enjoy Father’s Day if he doesn't first get a good night’s rest.   The S+ By REsMed Personal Sleep Solution will sync to his smartphone or tablet to provide him with personalized sleep data and tips to improve your sleep.  

8. Gift for Dads Who Love Golf

Dad can’t get enough time out on the golf course with the guys?  Give Dad the gift of a winning game with this Laser/GPS Rangefinger!  It has a laser that can locate the flag from a great distance, and a GPS that provides front, center and back distances for the green!

9. Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

If your Dad is an avid adventurer, he needs a survival toolkit.  Get him the Survivolts Power Bank and Mult E Tools which is a power bank, a fire starter, a flashlight, an SOS beacon, and a 135 decibel siren all in one!

10. Gift for Coffee Lovers

If Dad survives mostly on caffeine, then having his own espresso machine will be a complete game-changer for him.  He’ll think of his favorite child each time he brews up a steamy cup of his favorite concentrated Joe.

11. Gift for Dads who Like Really Cool Stuff

If Dad is full of good clever ideas, and nowhere to write them down, he needs this really awesome smart notebook. After writing down his brilliant ideas, he can pop his notebook in the microwave to erase-and-reuse it up to 5 times!

12. Gift for Dads Who Cook

If your Dad loves to cook, he’ll love to have home-grown herbs at his fingertips!  Get him a hydroponics plant growing system that comes with Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Thyme, Mint, Curly Parsley, Chives and Dill seeds!

13. Gift for Outdoor Enthusiast

Get him a tough-as-nails and ultra-portable cooler to store ice cold drinks and food during his outdoor adventures.  What could be better than a cold beverage after a long day on the water, in the sand, or among the trees?

14. Gift for Photographer

Whether he does it professionally or as a hobby, the perfect Dad’s Day gift for a photography lover is a camera upgrade.  Get him this Olympus digital camera that will take print-worthy photos that will last a lifetime.  He can use it to take a photo of you, his favorite child!

15. Gift for Fitness Lover 

Gift Dad the brand new Rowkin Surge Charge, made specially for long-haul sport performance. No wires and comfortably fitted earbuds that won’t fall out make these the perfect sport headphones for every scenario.  The accompanying portable charge case offers a whopping 25 hours of total play/talk time!