How to Enter Rowkin Monthly Raffle and Win Freebies Every Month

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You can win Freebies and enjoy Exclusive Discount on Rowkin Every Month !

We’ve recently launched a new program to reward our loyal customers for providing their feedback using Rowkin products. We value your feedback to better improve the Rowkin experience for everyone!

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How To Enter:

1. Grab Your Favorite Rowkin Product!

Grab your favorite Rowkin product and be ready to tell us your experience! Don’t have one? Shop your favorite on

2. Write and submit a review on

Go to

  • Type “Rowkin” in the search box.

  • Select the Rowkin product you own.

3. Click on “Write a customer review”

You will find a “Write a Customer Review” button on the left side at the customer review section towards the bottom of the product page.


4. Fill out your review!

After clicking through the “Write a customer review” button, follow the step instructions to fill out your review.

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5. Take a screenshot of your review/Snap a picture of your review

(make sure it's clear!)

Don’t know how to screenshot?

Mac Users: Press Shift-Command-4

MAC Keyboard

PC Users:  

You press the (PrtScn) button
Go to the windows icon and click,
look for 'accessories' from the menu and click,
look for 'Paint' in menu and click,
look for the clipboard icon and click (you're pasting from clipboard at this point),
You should now see your screenshot -  save this under a filename.

PC Screenshot.png

Still Not Working?

Use your phone to take a picture of the screen and upload it to your computer!

How To Take A Screenshot.png

6. Share Your Screenshot on “Share Your Review”

Once you have the screenshot or picture of your review, fill out our “Share Your Review” form and upload your picture! ( )

Share Your Review.png

Upload Your Screenshot under Question 6!

Upload Your Screenshot.png

Don’t forget to click Submit!


7. You Are Done!

Now, you can sit back and wait for us to verify your submission when your Amazon review is live to public. Once we validate your Amazon review, you will receive an email to confirm your entry of our Monthly Raffle. Plus, you may also find something extra that you will like in the email.

Please Note:  Every verified review will be eligible for a raffle for 3 months.

What You Can Expect to Win:

The prizes of monthly raffle are changing every month. You can have a chance to win:

- $100 Gift Card

- Ascent Charge +  

- Secretly developed next-gen Rowkin products

- etc.

The Winner!

We will announce the winner of the monthly raffle through our newsletter and social media during the first week of each month! So please make sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @rowkininc, Stay tuned with our newsletter! Thanks again for joining the Rowkin family!

[Bonus Tip: If you complete a purchase on the Rowkin website with a valid review submitted on Amazon, you will have 3 chances to win a freebie every month when complete and submit your review here.]

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