International Jazz Day 2018



   International Jazz Day has been celebrated on April 30th every year since 2011 in order to celebrate the way that Jazz transcends cultures and unites people across the globe.  It's also dedicated to celebrating the root of jazz, the future of jazz, and the impact of jazz on society. The “call and response” and improvisational format of jazz are not only pleasing to the ears, but also mentally stimulating, memory enhancing, and relaxing.  That means that jazz music is great for work or play. So go ahead...Pop in those Rowkin earbuds, grab a cup of coffee and some comfy shoes, sit back, and relax. We’ve got a #RowkInspired mix of modern and classic jazz that’ll make your day go as smooth as butter. 😎 Check out our specially curated Spotify playlist below.  Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify so that you don’t miss out on more of our great playlists.