No Service? Here's How You Can Still Use Google Maps (& 4 more hacks)

While you’re on the go, you may find yourself relying heavily on GPS’s to get you around this holiday season. Lucky for you, we have 5 hacks to make traveling and navigation 10 times easier. Make the most out of Google Maps and try these hacks. 

Use Google Maps Even With No Service

No matter what city you’re in, GPS’s are bound to hit a snag somewhere and disconnect. Instead of worrying about taking the wrong turn or not knowing where to head next, here’s a way you can access Google Maps without any internet connection. Make sure your app is updated and proceed to these 3 simple steps.

1.) Enter the name of the city in the search bar


2.) Once you’ve found the city, select it by clicking at the bottom of the screen. A menu will appear with various options available. Find the "Download" option and click!  


3.) Arrange the highlight block to choose the area you’d like to save for offline use (Google Maps will let you know how much storage space this will take).

4.) Download and you’re all set to go without any internet connection! 

Plan Your Entire Route

When it comes to traveling, there’s always plenty of stops to be made. With Google Maps, you can plot out your entire trip and maximize your travel time.

1.) Type in your starting location and your desired final destination.


2.) Click on the three dots that allow for a drop down menu to appear. Select the “Add Stop” feature


3.) Add as many stops as you like. If you’d like to rearrange the order of places you’d like to visit, simply press and hold on the letters and drag each location to the desired order.


Find Out What's Next!

Looking for more activities to do in a city? You can use Google Maps to view a wealth of information for venues. This particular feature may only be available on desktop, but it’s handy nonetheless.

1.) First, search for the venue you’d like to visit or review on Google Maps.


2.) On the left-hand side, users will be able to view various pieces of information on the location including photos, venue visitor reviews, similar locations and even upcoming events!


Send Directions Directly To Your Phone

If you’re using your desktop to map out your trip, don’t worry, you won’t need to retype on mobile when you’re ready to go. You can quickly send directions to your phone if you have your number integrated with Google.

1.)  Simply click the "Send Directions To Your Phone" Function.

2.) Select your mobile phone from the pop-up menu and you should receive a notification instantaneously. Once you receive the notification on your phone, you can simply click and take off! 


Share Directions With Everybody

Now that you’ve mastered Google Maps, what if you want to coordinate and share your route with everyone? Don’t fret, Google Maps allows users to easily send their entire trip to anyone.

1.) Below the map directions, you can find the “Details” option. Select this for more features.

2.)  Click on the sharing icon. This will prompt a pop-up window containing a link for users to send to anyone they choose. The link will automatically load the map for anyone who uses the URL.


*Bonus Feature*

During the holidays, Google releases an interactive feature in which users can enjoy various games and articles. Every day Google will release a new feature for users to check out!

1.) Visit Google Maps. Click on the "Days Till Santa Takes Off" Feature.   

Santa Feature Google Maps.png

2.) Check out all the cool features per day! 


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