Rowkin Spotlight: Danny McGee


Meet our friend Danny McGee. An avid traveler based out of Colorado, he shares his experience in traveling and thoughts on our newest Surge Charge.

Photos by Danny McGee

Photos by Danny McGee


I always used to sift through National Geographic magazines as a kid. I never dreamed that I would actually be able to visit those places, but as I grew older I began to realize that it actually possible. So, I made it my mission to make it a reality.


Music plays a huge part in my adventures! Whenever I’m doing a big hike or long drive on a roadtrip I always try to listen to playlists that fit the mood. When I’m hiking, it’s always more upbeat, but when I’m driving I really like to listen to chill stuff like Mumford and Sons.

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When I’m out on a long hike

I usually just put my phone in my backpack, which makes it hard to access. But with the Surge Charge, instead of having to get out my phone and risk dropping it or getting dirt / dust on it, I can just change the song with a single tap. They stay in super well! Most of the time with other headphones if I run or shake my head in the right way they just fall out.


With traveling, it puts you out of your element. Everything is new, different, and strange. Back when you were a kid everything was a surprise, and you were interested in everything. As we grow older and get used to those things, that interest fades and it becomes routine.

When you travel you’re thrown into an entirely different world. Different culture, language, faces, food, and customs. Iceland is one of those places for me. It’s such a weird mix of hot springs, glaciers, volcanos and moon-like landscapes. It was the first place I ever traveled to out of the country and I’ve already been back 2 times since. They also have these gas station hot dogs that are insanely good for some reason!

With traveling, the small things that you usually miss become these super interesting, new things. That magic from back when you were a kid is able to resurface.


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