Rowkin Story: Tim Connors of Spirit Airlines

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PC: Tim Connors

My name is Tim Connors and I am a huge fan of Rowkin. I have both the Pace and the Ascent for different uses.

I’m a pilot for Spirit Airlines and am on the road constantly. On overnights, my favorite way to wind down is going to the gym or watching a movie. Both of these are done using Rowkin. Running or precor get the Pace, which sound amazing and never fall out. For movies, the Ascent pair perfectly with movie sounds.

The years I spent buying tethered earbud, earphones and everything under the sun trying to get the right fit and sound are over.. Thanks Rowkin!
— Tim Connors, Captain of Spirit Airlines

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Also, take an inside look at the PACE or Ascent Charge+ to see what Tim was talking about!