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5 Budget-Friendly Travel Ideas for 2019

Every year as December comes to a close, anticipation builds nationwide for New Years Eve. The stress of the holiday season bubbles over into what is to be the highlight of the year-- a time to reflect on trials and tribulations, victories, disappointments, and achievements.  Why is New Years Eve so romanticized? Why are expectations so high for the perfect starlit evening punctuated by the perfect midnight kiss? Research tells us that the popularity of New Year’s resolutions stems from the fact that New Years is such a significant temporal landmark. Temporal landmarks, such as the onset of a new week, a birthday, or a new semester, allow us to demarcate periods of time in our lives, and “relegate past imperfections to a previous period”.  Thus, the New Year is an opportunity to start fresh; The unachievable is achievable with enough motivation, and the weight of past mistakes seems altogether lighter…  

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Backpacking in Koh Tao, Thailand!

The age old debate of nature versus nurture is essentially null.  It’s true, you are a product of your environment, but you also have the choice to change your environment.  That’s the best part about traveling!  Heading out on new adventures helps you grow as an individual.  Making new friends, becoming acquainted with new cultures, and experiencing all the world has to offer is an incredible way to reignite your fervor for life.  Not to get all sentimental and sappy on you all now. After all, this is a guide to… BACKPACKING IN KOH TAO!

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