The 5 Easy and Creative Ways To Surprise Dad On Father's Day

Not sure what to get Dad this Father’s Day? Look no further. Here are some easy creative ideas on how to surprise him with gifts that he’ll treasure for a lifetime, and enjoy the moment.

Put Together a ‘Dad and Me’ Photo Book


Find all your favorite pictures of pastimes with Dad throughout your life and print them out to paste in a book. Include pics from your first basketball game, the trip to the beach, and last year’s 4th of July BBQ. This is a great tangible gift to remember the amazing intangible memories.

Personalize A Favorite Item: Golf Clubs or Fishing Poles


Encourage Dad to spend time doing the things he loves—whether it’s lounging on the boat deck waiting for a bite or driving the green. Surprise Dad with a personalized gift  Remind him to pursue his passion, and even offer to come along for the day (if he’ll have you!).

Plan a Surprise Cookout As An Easy Way To Surprise Dad!


Head to the supermarket and pick out some nice cuts of steak, a batch of burgers, and a collection of kebabs for the grill. Invite over some of his buddies—old and new—and blast the oldies on the loudspeaker. Planning a surprise cookout is an easy and creative way to surprise dad. When he pulls in the driveway he’ll be overjoyed to find a fun BBQ in the back yard!

Treat Dad to a Thrill Ride


If your Dad is someone with a need for speed, try placing a motorcycle out front that he can hop on when he gets home from work. This should be a real simple way to surprise Dad. If that’s too extreme, buy a couple tickets for the go-kart course for him to release his inner child.

Make Dad A Custom Coupon Book


For those short on money or time, putting together a custom coupon book is the perfect way to show Dad how much he means to you this Father’s Day. Include things you know he’d enjoy like “a trip to the batting cage” or “breakfast in bed” to be sure he’s happy.

Whether you’re trying to plan a surprise party, or just want to show your Dad you care by bringing up old memories or making him breakfast in bed—there’s no doubt that these tips will aid you in the process. Good luck and Happy Father’s Day!