The Perfect Tech Gift For Your Graduate

Choosing the perfect gift is always difficult, especially for new graduates. There are the usual ideas (gift card, actual card, watch, book, keys to the old Chevy, etc.), but how do you make your gift stand-out? This year, give a pair of truly wireless headphones from Rowkin. They’re sleek, smart, and affordable–perfect for that graduate who's on-the-go lifestyle requires a pair of headphones that go everywhere and stay wire-free.

Rowkin earbuds deliver premium sound, hands free activation, and a portable charging case. Whether your grad has a degree in physics, art history, or economics, Rowkin’s offer something for every everyone with varying pocket-sized options in lustrous colors like silver, 24K gold, and space gray. And they’re affordable–so, you might as well get a pair for yourself, because, hey, you graduated and you never got anything this cool for it, right? Take a look at the options, grab your new grad a present, and even treat yourself.

Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo

The Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo offers the ultimate portable wireless bluetooth earbud experience. With the Rowkin Bit Charge's conductive portable charging system, you can store and charge both wireless earbuds up to 15x and use it as a power bank to get up to one full charge on your iPhone 7 or Android. The Bit Charge Stereo also comes in 24K gold-plated edition, silver, and space gray.


Rowkin Bit Stereo

Rowkin Bit Stereo Macro Hands.jpg

The Rowkin Bit Stereo is the purse-friendly wireless bluetooth earbuds. Built with a slim, lipstick sized design, the Rowkin Bit Stereo is meant to be stored anywhere. The Bit Stereo also comes in 24K gold-plated edition, silver, and space gray.


Rowkin Bit Charge Single

The Rowkin Bit Charge Single is the pocket-sized wireless bluetooth earbud. Meant to replace bulky headset, the miniscule earbud and case can be stored easily in any purse or vehicle. The small magnetic housing conveniently holds your earbud and also allows you to charge your mobile devices.The Rowkin Bit Charge Single also comes in 24K gold-plated edition, silver, and space gray.


About Rowkin

Rowkin is the maker of the world’s smallest wireless Bluetooth earbuds that fit your lifestyle and take your mobile listening experience to the next level.

Rowkin products deliver superior sound quality in the smallest Bluetooth cordless headsets possible. Rowkin products are preferred among the tech-savvy who use them for both phone calls and listening to music. Rowkin is based in San Francisco California, just north of Silicon Valley.