Rowkin In The News


For a truly cordless experience, these earbuds feature unique functions such as stereo pairing, portable charging power bank, voice-command capabilities (Siri and Google Now), dual-function charging and high quality sound.

While the release of the Apple iPhone 7 has forced owners to find a good bluetooth audio solution....Enter the amazing Rowkin Bit Charge bluetooth earbuds. They're not only wireless, they're tiny, operate independent of each other (if you want), and have no wires connecting them. 

As you’re probably well aware, wireless earphones are not new. In fact, I’ve tested for this column other wireless headphones before that connect via Bluetooth. And I recently discovered my favorite new such pair, the Rowkin Bit Charge cordless earbuds. 

Rowkin Mini - The Rowkin Mini is the world’s smallest, wireless earbud on the market making it easy to fit into the ear. If your dad loves listening to music, but hates the cord or even having a band connecting the left from the right earbud, he’ll love the Rowkin Mini. They look and feel like two small dots in your ears and are virtually invisible. 

Finally, last week Rowkin launched three earbud variants — the Rowkin Mini Plus+, Rowkin Bit and Rowkin Bit Charge. All three models are basically the same mic-equipped headphone, which Rowkin claims is the "smallest wireless stereo Bluetooth headset in the market". The difference is that the Mini Plus+ is a single bud (so, a Bluetooth headset for making calls), the Bit is the regular pair and the Bit Charge comes with a special portable charger.

But thankfully you don’t have to wait until Apple “invents” wireless earphones in the fall, because they already exist. In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, we get ready for Apple’s wireless EarPods by trying on Erato Audio’s Apollo 7 earphones and the Rowkin Mini earbud.

The Rowkin Bit Charge have a growing following among those after the smallest, bullet-shaped form factor possible at a price lower than the Erato’s above. 

Bluetooth headsets keep getting smaller and smaller, but we’re not sure they can get any smaller than the Rowkin Mini Plus+ Bluetooth 4.1 Earbud without having to be implanted in your head. This awesome little Bluetooth headset lasts for 3 hours of talk time despite its insanely small size, and it comes with a nifty case that doubles as a portable charger.