Rowkin Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Why Bit Charge Stereo?


Stereo Sound

Pairing 2 earbuds wirelessly is now possible, giving you high quality surround sound wherever you go.


Siri Activation

With the built-in mic, access to Siri/Google Assistant is just a touch away, giving you a genuine hands-free, wireless stereo experience. 



The dual-function charger allows you to charge both earbuds up to 15x and acts as a power bank for other mobile devices.


Small Size

Our super small earbuds combined with the sleek charging container fits right into your pocket.


Water Resistant

WaterSafe nano coating technology makes your Rowkin Bit Charge sweat-proof, water resistant and IPX5 compliant. It is perfect for sport, outdoor, and gym activities.


Modern Colors

You can purchase the Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo in three modern colors: space grey, silver, and a special 24K gold-plated edition.