Smart Multipoint Connectivity
and Call Control


The Rowkin Mini can connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth 4.1. This enables you to switch between two devices instantly and seamlessly. Connect the Rowkin Mini to your laptop or tablet and your smartphone at the same time. This makes it easy when you're streaming music from your desktop (or tablet) to switch and receive an incoming call to your smartphone. In a moment, the call will automatically stream to your earbud. The Rowkin Mini can remember up to 8 paired devices and automatically connect with the last connected device if it's in range. Say goodbye to the pain of constant pairing. Smart Multipoint Connectivity makes it easy to change audio sources between two devices.

Rowkin Mini Wireless Bluetooth Smart Multipoint Connectivity
Rowkin Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Technology
Rowkin Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbud - Gold Edition