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Rowkin Bit Stereo

Charge your Rowkin fully


1. Insert the two Rowkin earbuds into the charging case. The earbuds will magnetically snap in and start wirelessly charging.


2. Charge your device for about 1.5 hours (the micro USB if you separate the unit). When the charging light stops blinking the Rowkin is fully charged.


Pair your rowkin to your device

1. Hold the earbuds next to each other and press down on both control buttons. Continue holding and you will first see a red light, white light, and only release when you see the alternating red and white lights.

2. The earbuds will now pair in stereo mode. The flashing lights first will turn off and then one earbud will flash white whereas the other will alternatively flash red and white.


3. Open your Bluetooth settings on your device and make sure your Bluetooth is on. You should see the Rowkin product as an available device. Click on the product name.


4. One earbud will flash white and the other will double flash white. Your earbuds should now be paired to your device.


Alternatively, you can view how to pair your earbuds in this video.




User Manual

For the full instructions on your Rowkin, please read our user manual.

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