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Rowkin Surge Charge

Charge your Rowkin fully


Place your Rowkin Surge Charge earbuds back in the charging case.


Insert the 2 micro-USBs into the ports on the earbuds (the micro USB is located on the bottom of the earbuds).


When the charging light stops blinking, the earbuds are fully charged.Recharge your charging case with the included micro-USB cord. T


The charging port is located on the back of the charging case. Charging is complete when all 4 lights on the case blink.

Pair your rowkin to your device


Put both earbuds in your ears. Locate the control button (o) on the Right earbud. Hold down on the control button until you hear "Power On" and keep holding until you hear "Pairing".


Go to your mobile devices' Bluetooth settings and "Rowkin Surge" should appear. Click to select it.


Locate the control button on the Left earbud. Press down on the control button (o) to turn it on, about 2 seconds. They will automatically pair with each other and the device and say  "True Wireless Stereo Connected".

Detailed instructions on how to pair your Rowkin Surge true wireless earbuds


  • Volume Adjustment: Press the + button to increase the volume
  • Pause/Play: Press the control button to pause music, press the button again to resume
  • Track selection: Hold + button for 2 seconds to skip track. Hold - button for 2 seconds to restart song/go to the previous track (if within the first few seconds of the song)
  • Answer/End Call: Press control button to answer or end the phone call
  • Reject Phone Call: Hold the control
  • Mute Call: During a phone call, press down on the + and - button at the same time to activate or deactivate the mute function
  • Activate Siri/Google Assistant: Double click the control button to activate Siri or Google Assistant. 

Quick start guide

For the fuller instructions on your Rowkin, please read our quick start guide.

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