Common Questions

How do I reset my Rowkin earbud(s)?

To reset your Rowkin earbud(s), place the earbud(s) back in the fully charged charging case and make sure the red light is on. This indicates that it is charging. Keep the earbud(s) in the charging case, then press and hold the button on the earbud(s) for 5 seconds or more until you will see the red light on the   earbud(s) go off and turn on again (1 white flash). The earbud(s) and charging case should be at factory default settings.

How do I set up stereo pairing?

The two earbuds need to be set up in their  stereo pairing to establish their Primary (left)  and secondary (right) relationship first, before pairing the Primary (left) earbud to your phone for the stereo music feature. This procedure is also documented in the user guide (and below). Please note that it may take longer than 10-30 seconds to pair.