Common Questions

How Do I Reset My Rowkin Bit Earbud(s)?

We recommend performing a reset if you are experiencing issues such as audio fading in and out, low volume, pairing issues, etc. To perform a reset, place the earbuds back into the charging case. Press down on the Rowkin earbud(s) while they are in the charging case, for about 5 seconds or more until you see the LED light flash white, then turn off. Now, the earbud should be back to factory default settings and the reset is complete.                                                                                              

How do I Connect My Rowkin Bit Earbud to Two Devices?

First, pair your Rowkin earbud with Device 1. To initially pair Rowkin earbud with Device 1, press and hold the control button until you see the alternating red and white flashing light. Now, turn off the Bluetooth function on Device 1. Turn off the Rowkin earbud by placing it back in the charger. Repeat the pairing process with Device 2. Turn the Bluetooth function back on with Device 1, and reconnect to the Rowkin earbud. To do this, visit your Bluetooth settings on Device 1 and you should see the Rowkin earbud display as "not connected". Simply click to reconnect. Your Rowkin earbud is now paired with both devices simultaneously.

How Do I Pair My Rowkin Bit Earbuds for Stereo Pairing?

To pair your Rowkin earbuds in stereo mode, hold the control button on the earbud until you see the white light. Continue holding until you see the red light, once you see the alternating red and white light flashing, release the control button. Place the earbuds together to allow pairing. The earbuds will now pair in stereo mode. The flashing lights will turn off and then turn back on, meaning the earbuds are paired together. One earbud will flash white and the other should flash white and red. This indicates the earbuds are ready to pair to a device. 

How Do I Pair A Rowkin Bit Earbud to A Device?

To pair your Rowkin earbud, press down on the button for about 6 seconds or more until you see the alternating red and white light flashing. Proceed to your Bluetooth settings. You should see the Rowkin product as an available device. Click on the corresponding Rowkin product name and you’re all set.