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How do I set up stereo pairing?

The two earbuds need to be set up in their stereo pairing to establish their primary (left) and secondary (right) relationship first, before pairing the earbuds to your phone for the stereo music feature. This procedure is documented in the user guide, but here are more detailed instructions in how to accomplish this.

How do I charge my earbud(s)?

To charge the earbud, simply put the earbud back to the charging case and the charging will start automatically. This is charging “on the go” functionality without needing USB power.

How do I pair with my phone?

To initially pair Rowkin earbud(s) with your phone, please press and hold the control button on the earbud(s) for 6 seconds until you see the alternating red and white blinking status light.  This means that the Rowkin is identifying itself via Bluetooth and Rowkin will be visible in your phone’s Bluetooth setup screen. After pairing has been established, the status light will change to a slow blinking white light.